Conduct cost-effective market research

Conduct cost-effective market research

To keep up with the ever-changing needs of the Australian market, you need quality research. We can help you conduct affordable market research that delivers great insights.

Tap into our diverse survey database

Our long-standing and popular Lifestyle Survey digs deep into the likes and interests of Australians. From sports to shopping to travel, survey respondents volunteer information about what's important to them. And you can tap into our diverse database of survey participants for your own market research.

Affordable and flexible market research

Cut your market research costs

Save money by not having to maintain your own survey panels - we do it for you.

Build your own audience pool

Access our research portal to build a pool of respondents that matches the audience you're after.

Access qualified participants

Benefit from qualified and incentivised respondents who are fully engaged in your survey.

In-depth insights

With our market research portal at your fingertips, it's easy to find the right survey respondents. You can use 40 segmentation criteria and 120 different attributes to drill down into our database to find the most relevant panel participants. You can ask your own questions and supply your own survey URL. And you can create multiple audience pools for testing other markets and products.

Chat to us about a tailor-made solution

To find out how we can help you conduct cost-effective market research that delivers great results, drop us an email at AP Data Help.