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The ultimate New Zealand travel guide

28 September 2016

Be a smart traveller and avoid the hassles of trip planning with our guide to creating the perfect New Zealand family holiday.

6 travel gadgets that make a big difference, without a big price tag

18 July 2016

Ebook readers, power adaptors and portable battery packs. Invest in some of these top notch travel gadgets without completely breaking the budget.

6 useful apps for stress free travel

19 February 2016

Enjoy your holiday and worry a little less with these 6 useful travel apps.

19 travel tips to help you see more, spend less, and travel safe

06 May 2016

With a little planning, maximize your unforgettable travel experiences and stretch your dollar further.

The best ways to take your money when you travel

15 August 2016

Whether you use Travellers Cheques, a pre-paid travel card or cash, you'll travel smarter when you find the right solution for your money.

5 overlooked American cities to put on your itinerary

13 May 2016

Five American cities off the beaten path you should consider on your next American holiday.

How to take stunning travel photos with your smartphone

13 July 2016

Make the most of travelling with a smartphone with these quick tips to help you take the best pics you can.

Sail away on the cruise that’s right for you

06 June 2016

If you’re new to cruising, you may think all voyages are alike. Ocean or river, there are plenty of cruise lines, cabins, and itineraries to choose from.

5 travel hacks to save you money

05 July 2016

You've been planning a holiday for months. Planning ahead by following these practical travel hacks could save you a lot of stress and money.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

02 June 2016

Don't let injury, lost equipment or other travel mishaps ruin your winter holiday. Get Australia Post travel insurance with winter sports cover now.

5 myths about travel insurance

21 July 2016

Travel insurance is as essential as a valid passport but there are common travel insurance myths that can trip up even the most seasoned traveller.

Travel insurance for the USA

22 June 2016

Planning a trip to the United States? Find out why you should get travel insurance.

Travel insurance for Europe

06 September 2016

From Italy to France, we offer travel insurance policies to fit many different European holidays. Find out more about our cover.

Travel insurance for New Zealand

23 June 2016

Whether you're travelling to NZ for business or pleasure, travel insurance is essential. Find out why.

Travel insurance for Bali (Indonesia)

27 June 2016

With the right level of cover you can relax and enjoy your holiday in Bali, Indonesia. Get travel insurance for Bali with Australia Post.

Travel insurance for India

08 September 2016

If you're planning travel to India, get a travel insurance policy that covers you for an unexpected event while travelling.

UK travel insurance

20 September 2016

To help you with your UK travel planning, we've outlined some of the top questions our customers ask when travelling to the UK.

Cruise travel insurance

15 August 2016

Whether you're taking a cruise around Australia or the world, it's a good idea to have travel insurance for cruises. Find out why cruise insurance matters.

Travel insurance for uni students

08 September 2016

School's out! Uni holidays are here! Whether it's a gap year or a relaxing break, take a moment to think about your travel insurance options.

Travel insurance for seniors

09 August 2016

We offer competitively-priced travel insurance for people aged 60 years or over*. Many seniors have questions relating to insurance and pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel insurance glossary

16 August 2016

Travel insurance glossary.

Do you really need travel insurance?

21 July 2016

Travel insurance covers the inconveniences that affect travellers, such as lost luggage and flight delays, but is it really worth it?

10 tips for safe travel

16 August 2016

Take these simple steps to protect yourself while travelling.

Single trip or multi-trip travel insurance?

07 July 2016

Find out whether you should get single-trip or multi-trip travel insurance.

Travel trends - how Australians travel

22 August 2016

Travel Trends - How Australians Travel.

How comprehensive is comprehensive travel insurance?

14 July 2016

How comprehensive is comprehensive travel insurance?

How to buy travel insurance online

15 June 2016

How to buy travel insurance online.

Rio de Janeiro guide – what not to miss

14 June 2016

While you’re cheering on the Green and Gold in Rio de Janeiro, be sure to explore the areas, galleries and museums nearby.

The ultimate big trip checklist

13 April 2016

Planning for an overseas trip is much more enjoyable knowing you've got the areas of our checklist covered off.

Tipping in America made simple

27 June 2016

When it comes to tipping in America, how do Australians stack up? Do we know what we’re doing, or are we as bad as they think?

Beyond backpacking: Budget travel for grownups

17 June 2016

If you've been travelling for a while, you've probably done some trips on a shoestring budget. These journeys make for some indelible memories, but, as you get older, your endurance starts to wane. Thankfully, there are many ways to travel.

Why you should put down the smartphone on your next holiday

27 July 2016

Here's why you should put the phone down and concentrate on soaking up all the experiences on offer during your next holiday.

Going the distance – smart travel for long haul trips

19 July 2016

Long haul travel smarts. How to travel comfortably and cleverly on long haul travel trips.

Everything you need to know about group vs. solo travel

16 July 2016

Group vs solo travel. Before you start planning where to go on your next getaway, first consider who you should go with, if anyone at all.

How to keep travel memories alive

30 May 2016

Your holiday may be over but there’s no need to let the memories fade. Here are six ways to make that holiday feeling last.

The art of long holiday planning

06 April 2016

Smart planning tips and tricks for a long holiday. A guide on how to prepare for longer travel.

Get out of your comfort zone in China and experience ‘epic’

08 February 2016

If you’re ready for adventure, China is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Find some epic travel experiences that will redefine your idea of ‘big’.

5 mistakes first time travellers make

11 November 2015

Not having travel insurance, bill shock, packing too much in - here's how to avoid common travel mistakes.

Preparing for your trip: Your ticket-to-takeoff checklist

22 April 2015

So you've booked your tickets for your next adventure. But before you dust off your suitcase, here’s a ticket-to-takeoff travel checklist.

5 tips to keep you connected while you’re overseas

22 April 2015

Five tips to staying connected while travelling overseas. Five tips to avoid an unexpected surprise when you return home from travelling abroad.

Tips & guides

Travel tips and guides.