10 tips for dining overseas and eating like a local

18 June 2018

When it comes to food, everyone has an opinion about where to dine. However, the best option is to follow your own nose.

10 tips for getting off the beaten track in Europe

19 April 2018

If you’re planning to delve a little deeper into your European travels, there are many ways to find what you’re looking for. Here are 10 travel tips to get you off the beaten track in Europe.

Explore the best of the Great Wall of China

05 April 2018

The Great Wall is one of the most impressive architectural feats in history and undoubtedly one of China's most popular tourist destinations. Whether you’re looking for the best hiking trails or the most photographic vantage points; the Great Wall has something for everyone. Here’s our guide to some of the most popular spots.

A guide to New Zealand’s best islands for tours and day trips

04 April 2018

When planning your trip to New Zealand, it’s easy to forget that it has many more than just two islands. Dotted around the country are little pockets of paradise; the Outlying Islands are comprised of nine island groups and hundreds of islands. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and natural wonders, venturing off the mainland could be the highlight of your holiday.

Beyond backpacking: budget travel for grownups

03 April 2018

If you've been travelling for a while, you've probably done some trips on a shoestring budget. These journeys make for some indelible memories but as you get older, your endurance starts to wane. Thankfully, there are many ways to travel.

How to unwind in the adventure capital: 10 relaxing things to do in Queenstown

03 April 2018

Queenstown New Zealand is the birthplace of bungy, home of the Shotover Jet and holds the biggest swing in the world. But nestled between the base of the Southern Alps and the Wakatipu basin, Queenstown is also a charming little city filled with relaxing activities that you can do with your feet firmly on the ground. This is our guide to Queenstown for visitors who just want to chill out.

Your guide to Queenstown, New Zealand: the adventure capital of the world

02 April 2018

Queenstown is a beautifully scenic, mountainous town filled with stunning water views and natural wildlife. It’s also a buzzing hub of visitors from all over the world who have come to tick some crazy thrill-seeking adventures off their bucket list. Check out the guide below and discover some of the best adrenaline buzz activities in town.

How to stay healthy on holidays

02 April 2018

Nothing ruins a trip quicker than getting sick. While you can’t prevent everything, there are many pitfalls you can avoid with a little preparation. Take your health into your own hands with these tips to staying healthy on your trip.

Make the most of the drive – 10 towns to visit on your New Zealand road trip

31 March 2018

Travelling days don’t have to feel like a wasted day of the holiday. If these ten towns aren’t already on the itinerary, see if you can squeeze them in while on the road and make the most out of your New Zealand road trip.

Do you really need travel insurance?

28 March 2018

Travel insurance covers the inconveniences that affect travellers, such as lost luggage and flight delays, but is it really worth it?

10 lesser-known natural wonders of the world

26 March 2018

If you’re a traveller who’s more adverse to highly popular tourist spots, we’ve put together this list of lesser-known, yet equally beautiful, natural wonders of the world.

Travel in California: the top weekend getaway destinations

26 March 2018

Looking for a weekend escape or an activity-packed adventure? California has a getaway destination to meet your needs.

How to buy travel insurance online

22 March 2018

How to buy travel insurance online.

Explore the world on two wheels

20 March 2018

Travel on two wheels for an active holiday adventure. Here’s what to think about before taking to the road on your bike with your friends.

6 useful apps for stress free travel

14 March 2018

Enjoy your holiday and worry a little less with these 6 useful travel apps.

An art-lover’s guide to Las Vegas

14 March 2018

There’s more to Las Vegas than neon and gambling – it’s also a haven for contemporary art.

Camping for families: the most beautiful spots in Queensland

13 March 2018

Looking for great camping adventures across Queensland? Here are six of the best family friendly options.

Camping for families: the most beautiful spots in Victoria

13 March 2018

Looking for great camping adventures across Victoria? Here are six of the best family-friendly options.

Cruises with a difference

08 March 2018

Once known for buffets, bingo and black tie, today’s cruise ships cater to a more adventurous kind of traveller. Here are five cruises that might just tempt you.

A guide to San Francisco's best urban hikes

02 March 2018

Want to experience San Francisco like a local? Don a warm fleece and hike the city’s numerous trails.

A food lover's guide to San Francisco

28 February 2018

Travelling to San Francisco? Here’s the lowdown on where to go and what to eat.

Pregnancy travel: where to go for a babymoon

22 February 2018

Pregnant women everywhere are adding a new must-do: taking a babymoon. Important features of a blissful babymoon include copious amounts of rest and relaxation, with a side of pampering and healthy indulgence.

The art of long holiday planning

21 February 2018

Smart planning tips and tricks for a long holiday. A guide on how to prepare for longer travel.

Home is where the heart is: how to have a staycation

10 February 2018

There’s no need to travel far and wide for a healthy dose of R&R. Chances are there’s much to discover close to home for weekend getaways and creative day trips. Refresh the local scenery with these five ways to holiday at home.

Untouched corners of China: Three cities unlike any others

27 January 2018

If you’ve only got a few weeks of holidaying in China, these are thee of the must-see cities that are unlike any others.

Wine time: A guide to touring New Zealand's wine regions

25 January 2018

Award winning wineries, magical landscapes, welcoming locals and a thriving foodie scene, New Zealand’s idyllic wine regions are the stuff travel dreams are made of.

5 overlooked American cities to put on your itinerary

20 January 2018

Five American cities off the beaten path you should consider on your next American holiday.

A first-timers guide to travelling China

20 January 2018

A first trip to another country can be difficult, but navigating through China and its diverse region can be a challenge for even the veteran traveller. We’ve put together some tips to help you get acquainted with some of the cultural nuances and exciting things to expect before you go.

Travel like a local: A literary tour of Oxford

13 January 2018

Experience Oxford’s rich cultural heritage as you retrace the steps of the likes of C.S. Lewis and T.S. Elliott as well as beloved characters, Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter.

Travel like a local: Sightseeing through the South of Wales

08 January 2018

Often overlooked in favour of London and the English countryside, the south of Wales is well worth exploring on a visit to the United Kingdom.

Top 10: UK market destinations

07 January 2018

Whether it’s browsing for antiques along cobblestone streets or quaffing homemade ice cream by a racetrack, the United Kingdom offers some unique market experiences. Permit us to introduce you to ten of the best.

Travel like a local: Bali by the book

03 January 2018

Where to find the smoothie bowls, rice fields and yoga retreats to have your own Eat Pray Love experience in Bali.

Mediterranean Magic: Italy’s best spots for a beach break

02 January 2018

Possessing a picture-perfect blue sea framed by mountains and cliffs, Italian beaches may just be the ultimate places to kick back during summer.

Travel like a local: why San Antonio is the must-visit city in Texas

20 December 2017

With its rich colonial heritage, a plethora of vibrant neighbourhoods and burgeoning dining scene, San Antonio is well worth a visit.

Travel like a local: Roadtripping Arizona

12 December 2017

Crossing the state from south to north, uncover the extraordinary diversity and natural beauty of Arizona. Time to hit the road...

Travel like a local: A taste of the real Fiji

06 December 2017

It’s tempting to sip piña coladas poolside at one of the many resorts dotting the main island of Nadi, but for a real taste of Fiji, venture further afield and discover Vanua Levu.

Travel like a local: first impressions of regional China

04 December 2017

Seasoned travellers Stephen and Jess’ first time to China was certainly an unforgettable experience. Read about their time volunteering with giant pandas and their top tips for navigating regional China.

Travel like a local: find the best views in London (for free)

04 December 2017

Sightseeing on a budget: Rachel from The Department of Wandering lets us in on her scenery secrets.

Travel like a local: Mini-breaks near Bangkok

01 December 2017

Bangkok is not just a stopover! Michael from Time Travel Turtle shares his favourite (budget-friendly) hidden gems.

Travel like a local: the secret side of Queenstown, New Zealand

21 November 2017

Photojournalist Lisa Burns shares her favourite scenic spots in Queenstown for breathtaking views.

Travel like a local: dining Japanese style

15 November 2017

Michael Turtle gives us his top 5 recommendations for an authentic food experience in Japan.

A solo traveller's guide to southern Thailand

24 October 2017

Southern Thailand has something for beach lovers and active adventurers alike for the solo female traveller.

A solo traveller's guide to northern Thailand

24 October 2017

With a rich culture and natural beauty in spades, northern Thailand is a great choice for a female solo adventure.

More than beaches: Bali’s annual book festival draws a crowd

06 October 2017

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival draws a different kind of tourist to Bali.

Explore New Zealand in the summer

20 September 2017

Although the picture postcard image of New Zealand is often one of ski fields and snow-capped mountains, Summer is actually the most popular time to visit.

Bliss out in Bali: 6 spots to find peace in Bali

11 September 2017

From hitting secluded surf breaks to diving reefs filled with tropical fish and spotting rare birds in national parks, Bali’s quieter spots deliver peace, wonder, beauty and awe for travellers who step outside the well-trodden tourist hubs.

How to make the most of Bali’s health hotspots

11 September 2017

From organic cooking classes to hip juice bars, meditation rooms and luxury retreat centres, Bali is a wellness destination growing in popularity with health-seeking Australian travellers.

Get out of town: Six small towns in New Zealand that are worth visiting

05 September 2017

Beyond the big cities, New Zealand is hiding a treasure trove of towns worth visiting. From small towns full of architectural gems to sleepy hamlets surrounded by farmland, good things come in small packages in New Zealand.

Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+

22 August 2017

Travel the world and stay connected with the Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM. Keep in touch, and keep your mobile bill under control.

Postcards App

18 August 2017

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Tokyo’s best places for kids

26 July 2017

Travelling to Tokyo with kids will be made all the more fun by visiting these child-friendly places that deliver fun times and happy memories for children of all ages.

Mt Fuji: 5 ways to see Japan’s icon

26 July 2017

When travelling in Japan, Mt Fuji is a must-see. Whether you stay in a nearby town for a few days or find Fuji from an observation deck, this iconic peak is beautiful from every angle.

Food lover’s guide to Japan

26 July 2017

Renowned for being one of the best places in the world to eat, a culinary journey through Japan reveals hard-to-find regional delicacies, clever fusion dishes, timeworn street food favourites and deceptively simple meals created using centuries-old traditions.

Cool Runnings: Japan’s most scenic train rides

26 July 2017

Cool Runnings: Japan’s most scenic train rides

Onsen 101: how to enjoy the hot springs of Japan

26 July 2017

Put relaxation at the top of your travel agenda by visiting one of Japan’s 3,000 onsens for a hot springs experience like no other.

Learning Italian, Sicilian style

25 July 2017

Sicily might not be an obvious choice when deciding where to learn Italian. But towns like Taormina are attracting more and more students from all around the world. Here’s why

Under a Sicilian sun: sailing the Aeolian Islands

25 July 2017

The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago north of Sicily. Accessible only by sea, these islands are a traveller’s paradise – with a fiery volcano at its heart.

Skiing in Italy: top five destinations

12 July 2017

Skiing in Italy is a lesser-known highlight of the iconic boot. Whether you’re experiencing the snow season for the first time, or you’re seeking your next ski challenge, Italy is the place to do it.

Game on: the local sporting scene in Japan

12 July 2017

From traditional sports played for centuries to Western sports more recently introduced to the country, Japan’s sporting scene is an interesting mix of the old and the new (and everything in between).

Roman Holiday: 24 hours in Italy’s capital

10 July 2017

Boasting proud culinary traditions, some of the world’s greatest historical sites and jaw-dropping examples of architectural genius, Italy’s atmospheric capital is a long-standing heavyweight on the travel scene.

8 Italian food experiences you can’t miss

01 July 2017

Prepare your taste buds for the best Italy has to offer. There’s a lot more to know about Italian cuisine than pizza, pasta and red wine. With 20 different culinary regions, let your taste buds guide you through Italy’s diverse landscape.

Italy’s fashion hotspots

01 July 2017

Holiday shopping in Italy is a special experience, whether it’s finding a vintage gem in a hidden laneway boutique or finally purchasing the designer handbag you’ve wanted for years. Here are some insider tips to help you navigate the tourist traps and shop the best of Italian fashion in Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.

Exploring Italy’s gardens

01 July 2017

With so many amazing options to choose from across the country, the gardens of Italy should be added to any travel itinerary. Whether it’s your first or fifth time to the country, Italy’s gardens represent a special part of its history and are a great way to unwind and connect with your surroundings. Here’s a selection of the five best.

A short guide to long walks in Italy

01 July 2017

Whether you want to spend half a day walking off all that pasta and tiramisu or you’re looking for your next fitness adventure, Italy is the perfect destination for long walks, hikes and treks. Here are a few handy tips on how to plan the perfect Italian walking holiday and some of the amazing walking and hiking routes to choose from.

Escape the city: island hopping in Hong Kong

28 April 2017

Beyond the futuristic skyline of Hong Kong, a collection of islands give travellers a chance to experience a slower side of life.

10 tips for your first time in Japan

28 April 2017

Got a trip to Japan in your sights? Before you start daydreaming about ramen, prepare for your trip with these nifty tips covering everything from culture to etiquette, getting around and eating out.

Eat and greet: making the most of Hong Kong’s dining scene as a solo traveller

28 March 2017

About to head off on a solo travel adventure in Hong Kong? Don’t forget to try these nifty ways to dine with others and avoid eating alone

The best places to shop fashion in Tokyo

27 March 2017

From bright and bold accessories to minimalist fashion finds and quirky one-of-a-kind statement pieces, shopping in Tokyo is a fun way to inject some international flair into your wardrobe.

Great train journeys from Australia and beyond

25 March 2017

Whether you’re looking to see Europe by train, take a luxury train across Canada or even ride Australia’s great railways, here are five great trip ideas for your next holiday.

How to see the best of Shanghai in 24 hours

24 March 2017

Make the most of your time in sophisticated Shanghai with this handy travel guide to exploring one of China’s most interesting and evocative cities.

Wild beauty: don’t miss China’s top natural wonders

22 March 2017

om turquoise lakes to emerald-green rice terraces and crystal-clear waterfalls, China’s diverse landscapes will impress travellers of all ages. China isn’t all about crowded cities after all.

Thrills and chills: a USA ski holiday guide

22 March 2017

The US offers a smorgasbord of options for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, catering to families, budget travellers and those seeking luxury and glamour on and off the slopes.

Top 10 Bali market destinations

21 March 2017

Known for exquisite silverware, blown glass and handicrafts, Bali has a rich tapestry of culture and spirituality to tempt. Get a taste of the island’s local flair at these dynamic destination markets.

Rise early and make the most of a day in Beijing

20 March 2017

Heading to Beijing and have a spare day up your sleeve? Make the most of your precious time in this influential city with this handy travel guide.

Discover China’s hidden gems outside the big cities

19 March 2017

Travelling in China may make you think of frenetic cities filled with skyscrapers yet there are many pockets of China that offer peace, tranquillity and space.

Top Ten: Fiji market destinations

17 March 2017

The markets and roadside stalls of Fiji are rich with authentic arts and crafts such as tapa cloths, baskets, carvings and pottery. Experience local culture and communities at Fiji’s must-see destination markets

Top 10: Thailand market destinations

14 March 2017

Known for its mega malls, marketplaces and budget prices, Thailand is a destination offering a wealth of treasures. Savvy shoppers should add these destinations to their travel itinerary.

How to calculate your travel budget

14 March 2017

Budgeting your holiday properly can make or break your vacation. Here are our best budgeting tips to help you account for everything you need to make your trip a great one.

Top 7: Italy market destinations

13 March 2017

Italy’s street markets are abuzz with character, charm and street life, offering an array of sensuous delights to tempt the most discerning traveller

Holiday pet care: How to keep tails wagging while you’re away

09 March 2017

From pet sitters to boarding kennels or checking your pooch into a dog hotel, there are plenty of ways to have your furry family members taken care of during the holidays.

Planning and packing for a babymoon

08 March 2017

You’re expecting a baby AND you’re taking a babymoon – congratulations. As you plan your holiday gather together these babymoon travel essentials and you can focus fully on rest and relaxation once your babymoon begins.

The top 6 market destinations in China

06 March 2017

Embrace the hustle and bustle of China’s sprawling street markets, which provide an intriguing snapshot of the country’s cultural past, present and future.

Five ingenious new travel start ups

14 February 2017

Since the arrival of industry-disrupting apps like AirBnB and skyscanner.com, millions of people are taking travel matters into their own hands. Literally.

A guide to romantic mini-breaks

10 February 2017

Time out from the daily grind to tend matters of the heart is never a bad thing. Stoke the fires of romance with an easy getaway to some incredible escapes just for two… right on Australia’s doorstep.

Chinese New Year: how China and the world celebrates

03 February 2017

According to Chinese folklore, a good start to the year is essential for attracting good luck. Celebrate Chinese New Year and its many colourful traditions around the world.

Chinese New Year celebrations around Australia

02 February 2017

Time to shake those tail feathers, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family by taking part in one of the many events happening around the country.

Travel insurance for backpackers

28 December 2016

To help with comparing and organising your travel insurance options, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive about travel insurance for backpackers. But the spontaneity that powers the backpacking spirit can also come with a few hiccups along the way. And that’s where travel insurance comes in.

Thailand Travel Insurance

28 December 2016

With so much to discover, travelling to Thailand with travel insurance cover is a must. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to visit in South East Asia. With its sandy white beaches, iconic temples, opulent royal palaces, mouth-watering food and a relaxed pace of life, there’s something magical about exotic, fun-loving Thailand.

Canada Travel Insurance

28 December 2016

Named the best country to travel to in 2017 by Lonely Planet, Canada is one destination you can’t afford to miss. There’s plenty to experience, whether it’s Canada’s large cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver; or in the majestic Canadian Rockies and ski towns like Whistler and Lake Louise. There’s an incredible array of national parks to experience too - 42 to be exact!

Family Travel Insurance

28 December 2016

Family holidays are among our happiest memories. The places we visit in our childhood retain a special place in our lives for many years on. Here how to make your family holiday one of the most memorable adventures you can share with your children.

What you need to know about travel insurance for Japan

28 December 2016

Whether you’re heading on a short break or a more extensive adventure, you should always consider purchasing a travel insurance policy for any travel to Japan. To help you prepare and get cover for the things you need, we’ve outlined some of the top questions our customers ask when travelling to Japan.

10 of the best spots for a Bali health retreat

20 December 2016

Feeling flat? Frazzled? Looking to kick-start some health goals? A Bali health retreat might be just what the doctor ordered. From raw food retreats set in the jungle to beach-side yoga and surf retreats, there’s something to suit every desire.

Christmas in Australia: sun, surf and Santa

20 December 2016

Christmas in Australia can be tough for anyone far from home. Nostalgia hits hard at this time of year, so try merging familiar Christmas traditions with some Australian way for a happy holiday.

Flying solo: destinations for travelling alone

06 December 2016

While rewarding, solo travel isn’t always easy, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Jetting off by yourself can be one of the most liberating things you’ll ever do.

The ultimate packing guide for a trip to New Zealand

02 December 2016

With so many adventure experiences to be had in New Zealand, knowing what to pack can be confusing. Happily, we’ve made it easy with this essential travel packing list for New Zealand.

7 cruises for couples

28 November 2016

Set sail, romantic getaways await. From adventure seekers to wine lovers, experience life on the high seas with Australian cruises…or perhaps voyage even further afield. Ahoy

Niseko, Hakuba and beyond: where to ski in Japan

24 November 2016

A Japan skiing trip offers snow sports with a dash of culture (and sake). Take the guess work out of a ski trip to Japan with this quick guide to the best resorts to get your snow bunny on.

Bali basics: the ultimate family-friendly holiday

02 November 2016

From kicking back in Bali resorts to exploring food markets on foot, there are an incredible amount of family-friendly holiday activities and things to do in Bali.

Jet into the New Year: 7 travel ideas for New Year’s Eve

02 November 2016

When cooking up ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve, add an overseas trip to the wish list. Combining your Christmas holidays with a destination New Year’s Eve celebration is one way to end (and start) the year on a good note.

Surviving long haul holidays with kids

02 November 2016

Whether you’re flying with a baby to see family or travelling with teens, these timeworn travel tips are your safest bet to ensure happy travels.