UK travel insurance

Holidays in the United Kingdom offer a delightful mix of historical charm and contemporary buzz. From the bustling streets of London to the tranquillity of the Scottish Highlands, plus the many hidden gems in between, the UK stands as a go-to destination for many travelling Australians.

As you embark on your UK adventure, it's easy to get caught up in the thrill of exploration and neglect the need for travel insurance. Unforeseen events such as travel disruptions or unexpected medical expenses can lead to unnecessary worry and financial strain. So, while you soak up all the UK has to offer, our varied travel insurance options might help to ease these concerns during your trip.

Do you need travel insurance for the UK?

It’s a good idea to take out appropriate travel insurance when travelling to the UK. While the United Kingdom is a relatively safe place to travel, anything can happen when you’re in an unfamiliar country and the right travel insurance can help safeguard against those unexpected costs and events.

What to consider when purchasing travel insurance for the UK

Do I need a visa to travel to the UK?

Generally speaking, Australian tourists heading to the UK for up to six months usually don't need a visa. Still, it's always best to confirm your situation by checking the UK Gov website. Keep in mind that our travel insurance policies can have you covered for up to a year, but if you overstay, your policy may no longer be valid.

Local areas

When travelling overseas, it might be wise to stay informed about the specific areas you intend to visit. Find out about the unique characteristics of local areas, such as any extreme weather that might be expected or transportation options and delays. Reliable information on local areas can be obtained from government websites, while safety advisories can be found on

Planned activities

The UK's plethora of activities range from urban sightseeing to rural adventures. With this in mind, your travel insurance should reflect the nature of your chosen activities. If you're planning to hike in the Scottish Highlands, visit theme parks or explore historical sites, check the PDS to ensure the activities you want to do are covered. Our international comprehensive plan can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Cultural events and festivals

Participating in festivals like the Notting Hill Carnival or attending significant sporting events such as a Premier League match can be the highlight of your UK trip. However, these events often draw large crowds, increasing the risk of theft or property loss. With Australia Post travel insurance, you can opt for a policy that covers the loss or theft of valuables, including electronics and travel documents, plus the option to increase the coverage limit for expensive items like cameras or laptops.

Medical coverage

Australia and the UK have established a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA), benefiting eligible Australian travellers with access to free NHS hospital and GP services in the event of an accident or sudden illness during their visit. To access this service, you might need to register with the NHS upon arrival.

Additionally, it's important to consider the healthcare arrangements in any transit countries included in your journey. Whether you're on a brief airport layover or exploring for a few days, not all countries offer reciprocal healthcare agreements, with places like Singapore and Dubai being notable examples.

In such scenarios, opting for one of our travel insurance policies can assist with emergency medical expenses, including medical costs, medical treatment, and associated expenses for approval claims. Our 24/7 Virtual Care Service allows you to connect with an Australian-based GP for expert medical advice over the phone. In case of a medical query, you can reach out to our assistance team, and Virtual Care Services can return your call to provide the necessary guidance.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you’re planning to travel and have a pre-existing medical condition, don’t fret – you can still purchase travel insurance. However, it does require you to inform us about all your existing medical conditions, including those for which medication is prescribed. This is necessary for us to conduct an online health assessment to see which level of cover is right for you, and whether we can approve your medical condition for coverage and what additional premium you may need to pay to receive coverage for it. Read the combined PDS and FSG guide (PDF 696kB) for more information on pre-existing conditions.

Travel tips for travelling in the UK

Preparing for health and safety

Consult with your healthcare provider for any required vaccinations or health advice before your trip. It might be helpful to pack a basic first-aid kit, along with essential medications. Also, make a note of emergency numbers in the UK (such as 999 for emergency services).

Understanding local laws and customs

Familiarising yourself with the UK's laws and customs, such as driving regulations and pub etiquette, is a great idea. This not only enriches your experience but also helps avoid unintentional offences or legal issues.

Navigating the public transport system

The UK’s public transport is renowned for its efficiency, particularly in urban areas. Get familiar with local transportation, including buses, trains and the London Underground. Many UK buses, trains and tubes are dog-friendly, so if you’re travelling with a pet, checking whether your transport option will allow you to bring your furry friend might be worthwhile.

Exploring beyond London

While London has much to offer, don't miss out on exploring other parts of the UK such as Edinburgh and the Lake District. Plus, with Europe so close, travelling beyond the UK on international transport might be included in your itinerary. If you're considering exploring Europe during your UK stay, be aware that transport cancellations can be unavoidable. Considering that flight cancellations make up almost one-fifth of international claims, keeping insurance in mind can help mitigate potential inconveniences.

Ready to tick Big Ben off the bucket list? Find out more about your travel insurance options before you head on your UK adventure. Ensure you read the Combined FSG/PDS (PDF 696kB) to understand exactly what you’re covered for.

Got the UK in your sights?

Don’t forget to organise your travel insurance.

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