Cruise travel insurance

Cruises provide a relaxed and unique holiday experience but there is nothing more stressful than being unprepared for an unexpected event. Bask in the sun and enjoy added confidence on your holiday with cruise insurance.

Why should you get travel insurance when taking a cruise?

If you're going on a cruise, even just around Australia, it's wise to consider travel insurance. Why? Because unexpected events can occur, and Medicare may not cover you onboard.

Any traveller who is planning to take a cruise should consider purchasing travel insurance, including those travelling with family, friends, or alone. It’s also important to consider how long your cruise is planned to be. A longer trip (over 7 days) provides a greater likelihood of encountering unexpected contingencies during the journey.

Travel insurance for cruises can come in handy in various scenarios, including lost or stolen luggage and belongings, cancelling a pre-booked cruise due to unforeseen circumstances, and accidents at sea.

What if I need medical assistance during the cruise?

Cruise ships, whether they are navigating domestic or international waters, are equipped with medical facilities and staff. However, it's important to note that the role of these onboard medical professionals is mainly to provide initial stabilisation in case of health emergencies.

In situations where a passenger requires urgent and extensive medical care while on a cruise, the response may involve a medical evacuation. This process involves transporting the individual from the ship to the nearest hospital for comprehensive treatment. The cost of such evacuations can vary greatly and often depends on the cruise's location in the world at the time of the emergency. This is a significant consideration, especially in remote or international waters, where evacuation logistics can be complex and expensive.

Does Medicare cover me while I’m on a cruise?

As with all other types of holidays, the unexpected can happen, and you may not be eligible for Medicare once your ship leaves port.

For cruises within Australian waters, it might be a good idea to have travel insurance as claims on Medicare or private health insurance may not be applicable, even on a domestic cruise. Check in advance whether the cruise ship provides access to a Medicare-registered doctor to ensure you have appropriate medical coverage during your journey.

Additionally, cruises travelling between an Australian port and a foreign port are not eligible for Medicare benefits, regardless of the practitioner, and the same goes for journeys between two foreign ports.

Does travel insurance cover existing medical conditions?

Typically, travel insurance policies may include automatic coverage for a range of pre-existing medical conditions. However, it's important to note that not all conditions fall under this automatic coverage. For those that don't, a medical assessment is required to confirm if coverage is available for an additional cost.

During this assessment, the insurer evaluates the risk associated with the specific medical condition and decides whether it can be covered under the policy. This process helps tailor the insurance to your individual health needs, for more comprehensive protection.

It's important to disclose all existing medical conditions and undergo any recommended assessments to secure the most appropriate and extensive coverage for your travel insurance policy.

Why should I get Australia Post’s cruise travel insurance?

While many cruise lines offer their own travel protection plans, these may only provide basic essentials or secondary cover, which might not be as comprehensive as standalone policies.

It may be a good idea to consider a policy backed by a global insurer, Zurich, through the travel insurance provided by Australia Post.

For journeys beyond Australian shores, consider our international travel insurance options.

Our policy includes emergency medical assistance, providing cover for both overseas medical and hospital expenses.

Before finalising any policy, thoroughly review its terms and conditions to clearly understand the coverage scope.

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