Welcome to China

China is one of the four great ancient civilisations of the world, making it a destination for the traveller who seeks a modern, yet historical adventure.

There are so many different climates and landscapes to see. Visiting China is almost like visiting several different countries at once. From rugged, mountainous landscapes, small villages and Buddhist caves to bustling cities, delectable street-eats and rich history, China has it all.

If you’re looking for a diverse and vast continent to explore, China really does tick all the boxes. If you’re getting ready to travel China, an enormous, beautiful land with much to see, do and eat awaits you.

China's currency is Renmimbi, so you'll need to get your travel money sorted. Check conversion rates, get foreign cash and sort out your travel cards before you fly.

It'll come as no surprise to know that you'll need a valid passport to travel to China. Be sure to sort out your new passport or organise a renewal well before you jet off.

China can be full of surprises, so it's important as part of your travel preparation to get your insurance sorted. Make sure your trip is covered with China travel insurance.

What to see in China

There’s just so much to see in China. From the iconic Great Wall, to the many neon megacities; here’s some tips on the absolute must-see’s of the nation and its many regions.

Get out of your comfort zone: a guide for first-time travellers to China

If you’re ready for adventure, China is all about getting out of your comfort zone and immersed in some seriously epic travel experiences. From sleepy villages to neon megacities, bustling…

Untouched corners of China: Three cities unlike any others

Although China is not that much larger than Australia, it’s home to about 1 billion more people. That, in combination with its vastly different regions, its sensational landscape and over 3000 years of history…

Travel like a local: first impressions of regional China

China, a country with the world’s largest wall, two Disneylands, a government that won’t let you use Facebook and, arguably, the world’s cutest national animal, the giant panda We recently visited the Sichuan region in China to volunteer…

How to see the best of Shanghai in 24 hours

With a rich cultural history, a wealth of architectural gems, strong culinary traditions and a thriving contemporary art scene, Shanghai is one of China’s most exciting cities for shopping, eating and exploring. Discovering the wonders of…

Wild beauty: don’t miss China’s top natural wonders

Whether you’re enjoying a solo holiday or travelling with kids, China’s big cities can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to the frenetic pace that places like Beijing are known for setting. Fortunately…

Explore the best of the Great Wall of China

Built over 2000 years ago, the Great Wall is one of the most impressive architectural feats in history and undoubtedly one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. Spanning over 6000 kilometres, there are...

What to do in China

Figuring out what to do in China can be a bit overwhelming – there’s so much to explore! We’ve whittled it down so that you can start drafting up your travel itinerary with our guides on what to do in China.

A first timers guide to travelling China

A first trip to another country can be difficult, but navigating through China and its diverse region can be a challenge for even the veteran traveller. China has its own unique set of etiquette and cultural practices that it has cultivated over its 5000-year history…

Escape the city: Island hopping in Hong Kong

Think Hong Kong is all about filling your luggage with affordable wardrobe finds and eating dumplings until you drop? Think again because Hong Kong is also made up of a collection of easily-accessible, skyscraper-free islands…

Rise early and make the most of a day in Beijing

Home to ancient hutongs, an emerging arts scene, some of the greatest architectural wonders in the world and more opportunities to eat than you can poke a stick at, Beijing is a big city to take on. If you’ve got just one day to spend in…

Discover China's hidden gems

With a huge land mass occupying more than 9.5 million square kilometres, there are plenty of chances to get off the beaten track in China. Beyond the fast-paced, populous cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzen, China is also home to mountain retreats, sun-drenched islands…

Chinese New Year: How China and the world celebrates

With one fifth of the world’s population in China and huge migrant communities in other countries, Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals around the globe. Traditionally a time to honor heavenly deities and ancestors…

The top 6 market destinations in China

China’s cities are a study in astonishing contrasts” gargantuan malls tower over street markets, ancient pagodas are swamped by concrete skyscrapers. Historically, its cultural legacy is enormously influential as the oldest cradle of civilization…

6 unforgettable day trips to take in China

It’s easy to get caught up in the big cities when visiting China. But if you venture out of town, there are some unbelievable adventures that you can take in just a day. We explore six of the best day-trips to put on the itinerary for your…

What to eat in China

When you think of China, you think of the food. When you’re travelling a foreign country finding great places to eat can be a bit of a challenge. Here’s our tips on how to eat your way through China and its many regions.

Top 5 local eats in Hong Kong

Home to some of the most food-obsessed people in the world, Hong Kong is a city synonymous with great food.

Eat and greet: Making the most of Hong Kong's dining scene

Travelling solo offers plenty of empowerment and freedom, but dining alone can become a little dull night after night. Hong Kong’s diverse food scene...

A foodie guide to Shanghai

Shanghai has transformed from a sleepy fishing village into the most glamorous and decadent city in Asia, giving travellers many reasons to make it one of their stops, especially for the food...

10 yummiest things to eat in Macau

Known as the “Vegas of China”, Macau’s cuisine is just as enticing as its glitzy casinos thanks to its history as a Portuguese trading colony...

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