As a registered data partner, you can offer Australia Post's address data solutions to complement your existing services.

Whether you offer address validation products like Real-time and Batch, or provide an address validation bureau, with Postal Address File (PAF) as your validation data, you'll know you're using the most comprehensive and up-to-date address database in the country.

As Australia Post's own delivery database, the PAF contains details on every delivery point in Australia including Delivery Point Identifiers (DPID), unique to each delivery address. That's over 13 million records!

PAF was traditionally used to enable organisations to maximise bulk mail discounts. However, with customer channel preferences evolving, PAF is now also used extensively by Australian businesses to increase accuracy and efficiency with real-time capture of address data in call centres and with online forms.


  • Strengthen the value proposition for your customers through high value, complementary services, e.g. increased access to bulk mail discounts
  • Potential revenue growth by creating unique data products that link to the most used dataset in the market
  • Helps reduce risk by using a proven dataset from Australia Post, an authoritative and trusted source
  • Helps reduce costs by using DPID fields to automate manual processes
  • Improve brand perception by being a registered data partner, backed by Australia Post

You'll find full information about the Address Matching Approval System (AMAS) Program in the Australia Post Data Guide (PDF 1.49MB) and AMAS Developer Guide (PDF 1.58MB).

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