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Showcase: Locations API

Use a postcode or global positioning coordinates to connect your customers to Australia Post outlets and services. You can sign up and try it out for free.

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Explore our other API services

Manage your shipping

Directly integrate with our Shipping & Tracking and Delivery Choice APIs to:

  • automate your order processing
  • generate and print labels
  • ship and track your orders
  • offer more choice at the check out

Identity verification

Easily integrate with Digital iD to verify a customer’s:

  • identity through documents
  • proof of age
  • details for AML/KYC including address
  • reusable identity

Accept payments online

Easily integrate with our trusted payment gateway SecurePay. Offer your customers multiple payment options along with:

  • free testbed access before go-live
  • detailed reporting and local support
  • customisable card payment UI

Account to account transfers

Receive fast payments and give customers the choice to pay with their own banking details. Features include:

  • fast and easy transactions
  • simple pricing, easy onboarding
  • real time notifications and reporting