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Do you send more than 300 letters at a time? You may be eligible for a discount if you use our bulk mail services.

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Service Description Minimum Need sorting?

Acquisition Mail

Addressed (non-personalised) items sent to potential customers.

Learn more about Acquisition Mail

Minimum 30,000 items, and at least 60% of addresses supplied must be mailed.

Yes, trays for each sort plan number

Charity Mail

Small PreSort Letters at lower prices for approved charities

Learn more about Charity Mail

Minimum 300 barcoded items

Yes, trays for each sort plan number

Clean Mail

Machine-addressed letters with no need to barcode or sort

Learn more about Clean Mail

Minimum 300 items


Competition Mail

Running a competition? Get a postage rebate on every fully stamped competition entry, over a minimum number

Learn more about Competition Mail

Minimum of 15,000 (NSW, Vic or Qld) or 5,000 (SA, WA, NT, ACT or Tas) entries in first 3 months of competition  


Full Rate Mail 

Regular letters that aren't machine addressed, barcoded or sorted.

Learn more about Full Rate Mail

No minimum No 

Impact Mail

Creatively shaped addressed items; great for direct mail.

Learn more about Impact Mail

Minimum 300 items

Yes, trays for each postcode or sort plan number

Imprint / Metered

A postage paid imprint or postage meter is used to pay for postage to provide a lower cost than Full Rate Mail.

Learn more about Imprint / Metered Mail

No minimum


PreSort Letters

Machine-addressed items that are barcoded and sorted.

Learn more about PreSort Letters

Minimum 300 barcoded items

Yes, trays for each sort plan number

Print Post

Addressed regular publications, such as magazines or newsletters.

Learn more about Print Post

Minimum 100 items

Yes, bundles or trays for each postcode

Promo Post 

Deliver small PreSort letter articles that are promotional in nature. 

Learn more about Promo Post

Minimum 4000 barcoded items 

Yes, trays for each plan number 

Reply Paid

A way for recipients to respond to your communication at no cost to them.

Learn more about Reply Paid

No minimum


Sample Post 

A low cost way to mail people a sample of your product to try.

Learn more about Sample Post 

No minimum  No 

Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed items such as catalogues and leaflets to households in specific geographic areas at low cost.

Learn more about Unaddressed Mail

Restricted to 1 suburb, town, postcode, round or channel (conditions apply)

Yes, trays for each delivery centre

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Some of our services require you to sort your mail to benefit from the best possible postage discounts. We can help supply you with mail trays, sort plans and mail tray labels.

Barcoding is also a requirement for some bulk mail services. It helps us process it more efficiently - meaning cheaper postage rates for you. Find out more about barcoding.

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Sizes Minimum size Maximum size Maximum thickness


88 x 138mm*

130 x 240mm


Small Plus

88 x 138mm*

162 x 240mm




260 x 360mm


* The minimum size also depends on the shape of the item and the ratio of its length to width. 90 x 145mm for Reply Paid. Refer to detailed product pages for more information.

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