eBay flat rate satchels & boxes

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Pay for and print postage labels through eBay


Our eBay packaging makes managing your eBay sales easy, giving you a flat rate price for domestic parcels.


  • Know exactly what prices to charge for delivery
  • Print your own postage labels at your home or office
  • Manage your eBay sales and delivery costs all in the one place
  • Access optional features: Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover*
  • Choose from various flat rate packaging sizes and weights up to 5kg
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2 ways to buy eBay packaging:

How to use eBay packaging

If you sell on eBay and post parcels within Australia, you can use eBay packaging and get your shipping costs for a flat rate.

View prices for eBay packaging

The packaging uses our standard Parcel Post service for domestic delivery in 2+ business days.

Simply choose the eBay satchels and boxes that suit your needs, then pay for and print postage labels through your eBay account. Easy!

You'll be billed for your postage costs by eBay.

Using your own packaging

If the eBay packaging isn't right for you, you can also print out postage labels through eBay for regular or express delivery, using your own packaging up to 22kg within Australia.

Printing your labels and lodging your parcels

When you've sold an item on eBay, follow the below steps to print postage and post parcels:

  • Log in to your eBay account: 'Print postage label' will appear as one of your actions in My eBay.
  • Follow the prompts to print a label and you'll be charged the cost through your eBay seller invoice.
  • Select additional features if required: Signature on delivery and Extra Cover*.
  • Attach the printed label to your packaging (either eBay packaging, or your own packaging)
  • Take your parcels to a Post Office, if you'd like a lodgement receipt, or drop them in a red  or yellow street posting box as appropriate.

* Additional costs apply. Australia Post will not deliver parcels requiring a signature on delivery to a Secure Parcel Receptacle. View our domestic parcels guide (808kb) for more information.

Service conditions

Australia Post/eBay flat rate satchels and boxes do not include postage. Before you post your parcels, you must generate and pay for postage labels via eBay. Please read the eBay Label Printing Delivery Terms and Conditions carefully as they will form a contract and this agreement is supplementary to the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

Your eBay flat rate satchels and boxes are carried under the Australia Post terms and conditions. Under these terms and conditions:

  • Australia Post accepts no liability for consequential loss or damage whatsoever. 
  • Satchels and boxes must not contain dangerous or prohibited items.

Pricing for eBay sellers


You have 2 ways to manage your eBay postage: use eBay packaging for flat rate postage (see pricing below), or use your own packaging and eBay postage rates through your eBay account

eBay packaging and flat rate postage pricing

The following prices apply only when you use the specific eBay packaging, as listed below:

1. Select size & weight 2. Buy your eBay packaging** 3. Add your postage label through eBay^

Small satchel

Buy small satchel

Holds up to 500g
355mm x 220mm

Buy 5 pack - $1.25
(0.25c each)
Buy 10 pack - $2.00
(0.20c each)
Buy 20 pack - $3.00
(0.15c each)

Medium satchel

Buy medium satchel

Holds up to 3kg
405mm x 310mm

Buy 5 pack - $1.75
(0.35c each)
Buy 10 pack - $2.80
(0.28c each)
Buy 20 pack - $4.20
(0.21c each)

Small box (Bx1)

Buy small box

Holds up to 1kg
220 x 160 x 77mm

Buy 20 pack - $27.61
($1.38 each)
Buy 100 pack - $84.05
(0.85c each)
Buy 200 pack - $136.00
(0.68c each)

Please note: There are 20 boxes per pack.


Medium box (Bx2)

Buy medium box  

Holds up to 3kg
310 x 225 x 102mm

Buy 20 pack - $34.95
($1.75 each)
Buy 100 pack - $128.50
($1.29 each)
Buy 200 pack - $231.80
($1.16 each)

Please note: There are 20 boxes per pack.


Large box (Bx4)

Buy large box

Holds up to 5kg
430 x 305 x 140mm

Buy 20 pack - $48.05
($2.40 each)
Buy 100 pack - $196.05
($1.96 each)
Buy 200 pack - $340.00
($1.70 each)

Please note: There are 20 boxes per pack.



** eBay flat rate satchels and boxes cannot be purchased individually online, and must be purchased in the packs specified.

^ Prices only apply to postage paid through your eBay account.

Support & FAQs

Help and support

For technical assistance relating to postage labels via eBay, including payment or refunds, please contact eBay customer support.

For enquiries related to parcel services and delivery, please contact us.

Please read the eBay Label Printing Terms and Conditions for the full conditions of the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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