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Reach potential customers through letterbox advertising


On 3 October 2016, price changes take effect for our Unaddressed Mail Service (UMS). To find out more, visit our pricing update page.

Deliveries in December may attract surcharges. For more details, visit our Christmas surcharge page.

Reach consumers and businesses more effectively by using Australia Post's Unaddressed Mail to distribute your letterbox advertising. Send catalogues, flyers and other promotional material nationwide, or target suburbs or postcodes.


Australia Post can give you access to up to 11.3 million letterboxes for community notices* or up to 8.6 million letterboxes for other advertising*, including the advantages of:

  • metropolitan, regional and rural addresses
  • secure apartment blocks and high rise buildings
  • Post Office Boxes*


Items are delivered with regular addressed mail, so your catalogues and flyers are more likely to be viewed and read. In fact, 83% of people take the catalogues, flyers and brochures they receive with normal addressed mail into the house.#


You can trust Australia Post to deliver your letterbox advertising as specified. You can also rely on accurate address counts for your nominated delivery area. Our address data is based on fact, not assumptions, and is updated regularly to ensure it's up to date. This helps you to reduce advertising wastage by printing only the quantities you need.

For more information on how letterbox advertising can help you connect with more people in more places, download our Sales Kit (888kb).

Service options

Service  Delivery timeframe Coverage 

 When you need to get your communication into market quicker.

Articles are delivered within 7 business days of booking.

Same state delivery only

Standard Articles are delivered within 15 business days of booking.  National delivery 

For both of these services your articles will be delivered from Monday to Friday of the nominated delivery week (excluding public holidays).

What types of letterbox advertising can you send?

Unaddressed mail is ideal for sending the following types of letterbox advertising:

  • envelope material, cards and postcards
  • catalogues, flyers and brochures
  • samples and coupons
  • wrapped or folded items

Please Note: You must ensure that all material to be delivered by Australia Post complies with State and Federal laws and regulations and that the articles do not contain anything which is discriminatory, defamatory or offensive. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

Some helpful references are provided below:

What sized items can you send? Click to expand Click to collapse

With Unaddressed Mail, you can send 'Small' or 'Large' items.

 Size details Small  Large 
Maximum weight Up to 100g Up to 100g  
Minimum size 88 x 138mm   -
Maximum size 130 x 240mm  260 x 360mm  
Maximum thickness  5mm 20mm 
Shape Rectangular  Rectangular 
Common examples

DL (110 x 220mm)
C6 (114 x 162mm) 

C5 (162 x 229mm)
B5 (176 x 250mm)
B6/C4 (125 x 324mm)
C4 (229 x 324mm)
 B4 (250 x 353mm)

Articles outside of the above specifications require approval by Australia Post prior to booking and delivery.

Where can you send letterbox advertising? Click to expand Click to collapse

You can send your letterbox advertising to consumers and/or businesses in postcodes or suburbs of your choice.

Access up to 11.3 million letterboxes* of various types, including:

  • street addresses
  • roadside addresses
  • PO boxes
  • counter collection points

Our targeting information can provide more guidance on where to send your letterbox advertising.

Download guideMake a booking

Ready to get started?

* Australia Post has access to 11.3 million delivery points nationally - including 2.7 million delivery points that bear the message "No Advertising Material", or similar words. These additional 2.7 million delivery points can only be accessed for community notices, where delivery is accepted by law. For addresses that accept advertising, Australia Post can provide access to 8.6 million letterboxes.

# Better Connections: How letterbox advertising engages and drives purchasing behaviour, Australia Post, October 2014.

** Premium service is only available for delivery within the state of lodgement. Articles must be lodged by 12 noon on the business day before the required delivery week. Premium bookings will not be accepted where the required lodgement or delivery week includes a public holiday.


Prices for sending Unaddressed Mail letterbox advertising are based on the size, weight, destination and service type.

Standard service Click to expand Click to collapse



Intrastate - Regular*

Intrastate - Select#

Interstate - Regular*

Interstate - Select#

Small Up to 50g $0.194 $0.225 $0.225 $0.255
Over 50-100g $0.260 $0.290 $0.300 $0.330
Large Up to 50g $0.280 $0.310 $0.320 $0.350
Over 50-100g $0.360 $0.390 $0.400 $0.430

For pricing of articles over 100g, please contact the Unaddressed Mail booking team on 1300 223 571 for further information.

Premium service Click to expand Click to collapse



Intrastate - Premium Regular

Intrastate - Premium Select

Small Up to 50g $0.243 $0.281
Over 50-100g $0.325 $0.363
Large Up to 50g $0.350 $0.388
Over 50-100g $0.450 $0.488

For pricing of articles over 100g, please contact the Unaddressed Mail booking team on 1300 223 571 for further information.

You can pay for Unaddressed Mail using your Australia Post business credit account, cash, debit card or credit card, or cheque (with prior approval).

Don't have an Australia Post business credit account? Find out the benefits of becoming an account customer.

Contract rates

If you lodge large amounts of Unaddressed Mail frequently, you may be able to negotiate a lower contract rate. To find out more, speak to your Australia Post account manager or email us.

* Regular service is when a customer chooses to target street and roadside delivery points as a minimum for a postcode or suburb (locality) booking.

# Select service is when a customer chooses to either:

  • exclude street or roadside delivery points; or
  • send articles to less than the number of delivery points available; or
  • customise the booking outside of standard postcode or suburb (locality) selection.

How to send your articles

Sending your mail

Our step-by-step guide (1.35mb) provides an overview of booking and lodgement time frames, targeting your mailing, making a booking and how to prepare and lodge your articles.

Further detail can also be found in the Unaddressed Mail Service Guide (3.96mb)

If you are using a mail house to prepare and lodge your articles, they may use the Electronic Lodgement Management System (eLMS) and arrange for your items to be collected instead.

Ready to make a booking?

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Support & FAQs

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