PAF resources and key dates

Get statistics and information relating to the latest PAF version here: PAF News 2017.1 (522kb)

Data sources

Postal Address File (PAF) data is released monthly and sourced from Australia Post's core address management database ATLAS (Address Topology Location and Spatial). ATLAS is updated daily through modifications from postal delivery staff and by state address management teams liaising with local councils.

Key dates

The PAF is updated monthly:

PAF Version PAF issue date PAF expiry date
VYYYY.1 15 November 31 March
VYYYY.11 1 December 30 April
VYYYY.12 1 January 31 May
VYYYY.2 28 February 30 June
 VYYYY.21 31 March 31 July
VYYYY.22 30 April 31 August
VYYYY.3 31 May 30 September
VYYYY.31 30 June 31 October
VYYYY.32 31 July 30 November
VYYYY.4 31 August 31 December
VYYYY.41 30 September 31 January

Please note:

  • 'V' = version, 'YYYY' = cycle year number
  • We issue the PAF to data partners 4 weeks before the PAF issue date
  • PAF expiry date is the last date you can use DPIDs relating to the current version of the PAF
  • PAF YYYY.5 is a contingency version of the PAF - it's only available to approved data partners who ask for it in writing

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