Marketing to movers

Target movers at the right time

Every year, more than 3 million Australians move home (ABS 2006), and the movers market is reported to be worth around $4.4 billion annually (TNS Research).

Over 70% of movers use our Mail Redirection service, which means we know when and where they're moving. A significant number opt in to receive marketing messages - and we can give you access to this receptive audience.


  • Timing - grow your business by being top-of-mind for movers during and/or after they move.
  • Reach - over 70% of movers apply for our Mail Redirection service, either through brochures available at post offices or via our website.
  • Impact - you'll have strong cut-through by aligning your brand with one of Australia's most trusted.


  • Movers campaign - eDM / DM
    We can send an email or Direct Mail campaign to movers on your behalf, as part of our Mail Redirection service (minimum 5,000 mail articles or 10,000 emails).
  • Movers inserts
    We can include your promotional flyer in our Mail Redirection confirmation and/or renewal letters. These letters have a high open rate, making them an ideal and cost-effective option. This option is ideal for campaigns targeting at least one state, and isn't suitable for local area marketing.
  • Movers brochure
    You can choose to advertise in our movers brochure - seen and used by almost two million movers every year. These brochures are sent out statewide and nationwide, making this option suitable for campaigns targeting at least one state.

How does it work?

  • Select the timeframe
    This refers to the number of days after a Mail Redirection application is received.
  • Select the period and location
    You can choose the time period and state/s for your activity - 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Choose the product option
    You can choose eDM, DM or Inserts (Confirmation / Renewal) - or a combination of the three.
  • Choose the offer
    You can choose to have exclusive or non-exclusive access to movers during the time period you have selected

When it comes to targeting movers at the right time, this is a cost effective and extremely well targeted approach.

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