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Improving your existing data

Around 20 per cent of Australian consumers move house every year, making it hard to keep in touch with them. An up-to-date database can lead to greater customer/donor retention, reduced administration, marketing and mail costs and less return to sender mail.

Our suppress and update solutions can tell you who to remove from your mailing list, or locate customers you may have lost track of.

Suppress solutions

Suppress a record from your mailing list if our data suggests it is inactive for a number of reasons.

Inactive Address File

With our Inactive Address File, we can match your data against our movers data which contains people who have lodged a Mail Redirection service application and not given us permission to pass on their new address details. So rather than receiving the new address details, you will receive a flag suggesting not to mail that record.

Deceased File

Our Deceased File is updated monthly and is made up of people identified as being deceased on a Mail Redirection service application form. We will match your records against this file and flag the records belonging to people who have passed away.

Update addresses

Find customers who have moved house with our National Change of Address and Reconnect services.

National Change of Address

Every year around three million Australians change address. By matching your data against our National Change of Address database (derived from our National Mail Redirection service), we can find new addresses of your customers who have moved and given us permission to pass on their new address details.


Reconnect is the ideal option if you've lost contact with a customer/donor, and they haven't given us permission to pass on their new details. By matching your data against ours, we can advise a customer/donor via mail that you would like to re-establish contact with them. With your company's information included in the letter, they are able to respond directly to you.

Suppress and Update solution providers

View our solution providers below: 

Datawash Click to expand Click to collapse

Datawash are specialists in cleaning customer address lists including the use of the Australia Post National Change of Address database (NCOA), Inactive Address file (IAF), our own advanced duplication detection services and providing Telephone Appending services.

Phone: (02) 9261 2670

Email: Contact Datawash

Web: Datawash website

Experian Click to expand Click to collapse

Experian Data Quality is a highly successful, fast growing and innovative technology company. Since Experian Data Quality was founded in 1990, it has become the world's leading supplier of address management and business intelligence solutions with its range of QAS software (formerly known as Quick Address).

Phone: (03) 8699 0100

Email: Contact Experian 

Web: Experian website

Fuji Xerox Click to expand Click to collapse

We work hard at Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions to ensure that mail deliverability is maximised and wastage is eliminated from the communication process. By employing a combination of solutions and techniques our clients enjoy significant postage savings.

Phone: 13 000 FXDMS



Inivio (VedaAdvantage) Click to expand Click to collapse

Inivio is the marketing services division of Veda. Veda's business is all about 'applied intelligence'. The company accumulates, transforms and connects data in order to provide customers with deeper insights. For Veda, this entails a rigorous and continuous process of quality control, refinement and innovation.

Phone: 1300 783 099

Email: Contact Inivio

Web: Inivio website

Marketsoft Click to expand Click to collapse

Marketsoft provides agile data services to resolve customer data challenges, including Data Management Platforms (DMP), data quality, single customer view, data hosting, segmentation and personalisation, privacy and compliance, measuring marketing activities, and better understanding and predicting customer behaviour.

Phone: (02) 9432 7414

Email: Contact Marketsoft

Web: Marketsoft website

Sensis Click to expand Click to collapse

Sensis Data Solutions (SDS) delivers data quality and business intelligence solutions to corporate, government and non-profit organisations. SDS has been delivering these solutions for over 15 years, utilising Sensis' data assets including the Yellow Pages®, White Pages® and Whereis® data.

Phone: 1800 033 807

Email: Contact Sensis

Web: Sensis website

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