Address Matching Approval System (AMAS)

Check your address matching software

The Address Matching Approval System (AMAS) is the certification program we use to measure the accuracy of address matching software.

AMAS confirms that your address matching software is approved to:

  • correct and match addresses against the Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF) - the  PAF is a database of Australian postal addresses within our delivery network, and it usually comes with your AMAS software
  • add a unique Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) to each address record in order to generate a barcode for your mail.

If you're using PreSort Letters, Charity Mail or Acquisition Mail, you'll need to barcode your items. For this, you need AMAS-approved software - or you'll need to find a mail house to help you.

Buying AMAS-approved software

You can buy AMAS-approved software from any company that has a license to supply it. You'll find one in our AMAS Product Supplier Guide (46kb)  

Developing your own AMAS software

If you want to develop your own address matching software, email us for more information about the approval process, costs and licensing arrangements.

You'll find full information about the AMAS Program in the PostConnect Data Guide (604kb) and AMAS Developers Guide (1.87mb).

The AMAS cycle

The AMAS program operates on an annual cycle, running from 1 January to 31 December each year.

You can register for AMAS testing and approval at any time during an annual cycle (subject to meeting registration conditions, approval, and licensing conditions, including software design) and your approval will be valid until the end of that cycle.

Need help?

For more details on AMAS or help with registration, please email us.

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