Your practical guide to managing busy eCommerce periods

Download our practical toolkits to help you manage the next retail rush.

Boost your delivery experience

A flexible and convenient delivery experience can make a big difference for busy customers.

Encourage customers to download the AusPost app

Help customers take control of their deliveries with the AusPost app. Customers who track their deliveries on the AusPost app are 20% less likely to contact call centres.1

Offer Collection Points

With over 5,000 Collection Points across Australia, you can give your customers choice and convenience over where their orders get delivered to.

Your practical guide to managing the next retail rush

From streamlining your fulfilment process to boosting your checkout experience, our guides and toolkits can help you stay on top of demand and boost customer satisfaction.

Small & medium business Peak Toolkit

Get ready for the next retail rush with practical tips on packaging, labelling, returns and more.

Large business Peak Toolkit

Packed with key tips and insights your business needs to manage busy eCommerce periods.

More ways to help you manage eCommerce peaks

The retail rush: 7 ways to plan for the next sales peak

A record-breaking 2020 in eCommerce showed the importance of planning ahead. And it’s never too early to get started for the next peak. Here are seven things you can do to help deliver a great customer experience.

Our customers’ top tips for eCommerce surges

From the simple to the strategic, discover practical advice from businesses on how to successfully navigate busy online shopping periods, and deliver a great customer experience.

Your eCommerce sales event calendar

Are you ready for the busiest time of year in retail? Use our handy eCommerce calendar to plan and prepare for a successful silly season. It’s packed with helpful tips and insights to help your business flourish.

Parcel preparation tips

How you pack your parcels can make a big difference in how quickly they’re delivered. Check out our videos for guidelines on labelling, packing and preparing your parcels, to help us move them through the network efficiently.

Labelling your parcels

Watch our video on best practice parcel labelling to help your parcels move efficiently through our network.

Preparing your parcels

Discover ways to pack your parcels that help us to deliver items to your customers  as quickly as possible.

Manifest items efficiently

Help us provide a great delivery experience for your customers by manifesting once you hand you goods over to Australia Post.

Sorting your parcels

Organising your parcels by speed and size will ensure efficient delivery and a great customer experience.

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