Managing peak demand this Christmas

In the lead-up to a holiday season unlike any other, get on the front foot with our handy tips so you can continue giving your customers great service throughout the festive frenzy.

Preparing for record sales volumes

Being organised is more important than ever this Christmas. Follow our videos and guides to help you run your business as smoothly as possible while keeping your customers happy, even as volumes soar.

Your practical guide to managing online shopping peaks

Download our useful toolkits and checklists designed to set your business up for success during periods of high demand. Choose the right guide for you, depending on the size of your company.

Small and medium businesses

Our toolkit, Preparing for peaks in online shopping, offers guidance on keeping your customers happy now – and through the next wave of demand.

Large businesses

Preparing for peaks and surges in online shopping: a strategic toolkit for your business is designed to help you get ready for the next eCommerce rush.

Parcel preparation tips

How you pack your parcels can make a big difference in how quickly they’re delivered. Check out our videos for guidelines on labelling, packing and preparing your parcels, to help us move them through the network efficiently.

Labelling tips

Watch our video on best practice parcel labelling, to help us move your parcels efficiently through the network.

How to pack your parcels

This video covers packing tips that help us to deliver your customers' parcels as quickly as possible.

Preparing your parcels

Discover ways to organise your parcels before we collect them, so that we can easily sort them within our facilities.

Stay updated

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