Let's Melbourne Again 

We’re celebrating what’s great about Melbourne with a special postage stamp and postmark.  

Proudly supporting the people of Melbourne

At a time when it is more important than ever for people to connect and feel a part of the community, Australia Post is joining other Melbourne organisations to support Let’s Melbourne Again.

As an organisation that connects people every day, we want to help bring people back to the city and celebrate what’s great about Melbourne. We’ve developed a stamp and postmark to capture this moment in time and to share the message of connection and support with our friends and family around the country.

What is Let's Melbourne Again?

Let’s Melbourne Again is an initiative to rebuild confidence, creativity and hope in Melbourne. It is the jump-start Melbourne needs. We’ve taken a hit and now it’s time to get us back on our feet, with some help from our city’s biggest media companies, brands, institutions and personalities. We have stood still for so long, let’s now raise our eyes to the horizon and take our first step forward… Together.