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Have your cash on hand the moment you land!

Enjoy $0 commission* when you order online or at over 3,200 participating Post Offices. From Euro to Yen and Rand to Rupiah, save on commission fees when you order your foreign cash online. Order now to lock in our great rates!

How to order your foreign cash

We offer three convenient ways to order your foreign cash. Choose from over 60 currencies when you order online, get cash instantly at major metro and regional locations or order in-store.

Where to buy

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American Express In-store

Post Office

Online American Express Currency Exchange stores In-store at participating Post Offices
Currencies available 60+ 60+ 14
Collection speed 2-3 days Instantly 1-2 days
Commission fees $0 $8^ $0
Minimum cash amount+ A$500 No minimum A$200
Maximum cash limit+ A$8,500 No limit A$1,500

Available currencies Click to expand Click to collapse

Use our A to Z index to check where your destination currency is available.

Currency Online American Express Currency Exchange stores In-store
Bahamas Dollar (BSD) Yes Yes No
Bahrain Dinar (BHD) Yes Yes No
Barbados Dollar (BBD) Yes Yes No
Bermuda Dollar (BMD) Yes Yes No
Brazil Real (BRL) Yes Yes No
Brunei Darussalam Dollar (BND) Yes Yes No
Canadian Dollar  (CND) Yes Yes Yes
Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD) Yes Yes No
Chile Peso (CLP) Yes Yes No
China Yuan Renminbi (CNY) Yes Yes No
Colombia Peso (COP) Yes Yes No
Comptoirs Français du Pacifique France (XPF) Yes Yes No
Croatia Kuna (HRK) Yes Yes No
Czech Republic Koruna (CZK) Yes Yes No
Denmark Krone (DKK) Yes Yes No
East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) Yes Yes No
Egypt Pound (EGP) Yes Yes No
European Euro (EUR) Yes Yes Yes
Fiji Dollar (FJD) Yes Yes Yes
Great British Pound (GBP) Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Yes Yes Yes
Hungary Forint (HUF) Yes Yes No
Iceland Krona (ISK) Yes Yes No
India Rupee (INR) Yes Yes No
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Yes Yes Yes
Israel Shekel (ILS) Yes Yes No
Jamaica Dollar (JMD) Yes Yes No
Japanese Yen (JPY) Yes Yes Yes
Jordan Dinar (JOD) Yes Yes No
Kenya Shilling (KES) Yes Yes No
Korea (South) Won (KRW) Yes Yes No
Kuwait Dinar (KWD) Yes Yes No
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Yes Yes Yes
Mauritius Rupee (MUR) Yes Yes No
Mexico Peso (MXN) Yes Yes No
Morocco Dirham (MAD) Yes Yes No
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Yes Yes Yes
Norway Krone (NOK) Yes Yes No
Oman Rial (OMR) Yes Yes No
Pakistan Rupee (PKR) Yes Yes No
Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK) Yes Yes No
Philippines Peso (PHP) Yes Yes No
Poland Zloty (PLN) Yes Yes No
Qatar Riyal (QAR) Yes Yes No
Samoa Tala (WST) Yes Yes No
Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR) Yes Yes No
Singapore Dollar (SGD) Yes Yes Yes
Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) Yes Yes No
South African Rand (ZAR) Yes Yes Yes
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) Yes Yes No
Sweden Krona (SEK) Yes Yes No
Swiss Franc (CHF) Yes Yes Yes
Taiwan New Dollar (TWD) Yes Yes No
Thai Baht (THB) Yes Yes Yes
Tonga Pa'anga (TOP) Yes Yes No
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD) Yes Yes No
Tunisia Dinar (TND) Yes Yes No
Turkey Lira (TRY) Yes Yes No
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Yes Yes No
United States Dollar (USD) Yes Yes Yes
Vanuatu Vatu (VUV) Yes Yes No
Vietnam Dong (VND) Yes Yes No

Now you can order over 60 foreign currencies online!

Organising money for your trip has never been easier! Order now

* Exchange rates may include a service charge. Commission will apply to cash purchases made at American Express Currency Exchange stores located inside Post Offices. Please visit American Express for more information.
^ Commission fee per currency.
+ Minimum and maximum cash amounts per transaction

What to do

How to order online

Order over 60 currencies online with the additional benefit of $0 commission fees*.

1. Order now

Simply check our currency exchange rates, order online and choose from over 3,200 Post Offices to collect your cash.

2. Pay within 24 hours

Confirm your order via BPAY - online or over the phone - within 24 hours. Just use the BPAY Biller Code 464271 with your unique reference number.

3. Collect at your convenience

We'll confirm when your cash is ready; and you'll have a week to collect it from your chosen Post Office. Don't forget to bring your receipt and photo ID.

How to order at our American Express Currency Exchange stores

Need instant cash? Get access to over 60 currencies fast at our American Express Currency Exchange stores located inside selected Post Offices.

1. Head to our AMEX Currency Exchange store

Simply check our currency exchange rates and head to an American Express Currency Exchange store near you.

2. Pay

Pay with cash or EFTPOS^ (cheque or savings accounts only). Don't forget to bring photo ID. Collect your cash instantly!

How to order in-store

1. Head in-store

Simply check our currency exchange rates and head to over 3,200 participating Post Offices.

2. Pay

Pay with cash or EFTPOS^ (cheque or savings accounts only). Don't forget to bring photo ID.

3. Collect your cash

Order in-store by midday (AEST) to have your foreign cash ready for collection by 4pm the next business day* in metro areas. Regional areas can take up to 2 days.

Proof of ID - what you'll need for pick up

The only person who can collect your order is you. You'll need to bring the below forms of ID when you pick up your cash:

Orders worth less than A$2,000 Click to expand Click to collapse

Bring one valid form of government-issued photo ID that shows your signature (such as your driver's licence or passport) when you pick up your foreign cash.

Orders worth more than A$2,000 Click to expand Click to collapse

For higher amounts, you'll need to show two forms of ID when picking up your order:

  • One primary ID that is government-issued with a photo and signature (e.g. driver's licence or passport) AND
  • One secondary ID with a signature (e.g. credit card)

* If ordered in-store, you must collect at the same Post Office. Outside metropolitan areas may take longer.

^ Financial institution fees and limits may apply so please check with your financial institution.

Support & FAQs

Customer support

For all general enquiries, please contact the American Express Currency Exchange Customer Service Team at or on 1300 139 060.

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