Police checks

Have you been asked to complete a police check for a new job, work placement or volunteer position? Get a national police check anywhere in Australia with our fast and easy application process.

Australia Post National Police Checks

We have over 30 years' experience in identity checks, so your personal information is in safe hands. We perform over 5 million identity checks a year for individuals and businesses just like you.

To get started, simply complete your application online, then submit it at a participating Post Office.

Police checks are:

  • Fast - around 80% of people get their police check within 15 minutes of submission
  • Secure - in order for us to complete your police check, we use an accredited partner with access to the National Police History database
  • Convenient - track your application online and choose from an electronic or paper certificate, Your potential employer can also easily confirm the authenticity of the certificate online

How it works

1. Start your application

Apply for your police check online, print it out, and organise your 100 points of ID.

2. Get your ID verified

Come into a participating Post Office with your 100 points of ID and pay for your application. You're nearly there!

3. Receive your Police Check certificate

We'll confirm by email or SMS when your police check certificate is ready. Choose from receiving an online or hard (paper) copy in the mail.

What our police checks include

A National Police Check certificate lists any criminal history you may have. The certificate details any court outcomes that can be disclosed, from any state or territory in Australia, along with pending charges. The certificate won't include any restricted court outcomes.

How long does a police check take?

Around 80% of our police checks are processed within 15 minutes of submission. If your application is flagged for manual processing, you  can expect it to take between 2-10 business days. You can track the status of your application at any time using your reference number, as well as:

  • download your certificate once your results are finalised
  • allow your prospective employer to see your results


A National Police Check certificate costs $49.90, and only $29.90 if you're applying for a volunteer position. This price includes electronic delivery of your certificate.

If you need a physical copy of your certificate, the cost will be $59.90 (or $39.90 for a volunteer certificate). This includes delivery via Registered Post. See a sample of the hard copy certificate.

Remember that with our service, potential employers can verify your certificate online, so you may not need a physical copy - but check with them first.

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