Parcel collection & delivery

Image of a man receiving a parcel at his front door

Collection & delivery options

Want more control over when and where you receive your parcels? Find out your options.

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Image of a woman collecting her parcels from a Parcel Locker location

24/7 Parcel Lockers

Have your parcel sent to one of our Parcel Locker locations and collect it at a time that suits you.

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Image of a woman collecting a parcel over the counter at an Australia Post outlet

Parcel Collect

Have parcels delivered to a convenient Parcel Collect location for over-the-counter collection.

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Image of a man and a woman sitting on a couch holding a parcel

My Deliveries

Manage and track your deliveries with our online tool - you can even reschedule or redirect items.

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Carded parcels

Not home in time for your parcel delivery? Find out how you can collect your item.

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Shop with Delivery Choices

Choices such as delivery date and time windows are available with participating merchants.

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Our tracking service

Want to find out where your parcel is in the delivery process? Try our tracking tool.

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Find out when compensation may be payable for items lost or damaged in transit.

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Image of 2 postal employees sorting mail

Missing mail items

If your letter or parcel hasn't been delivered as expected, we'd like to help you find it.

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Apply for a PO Box with Australia Post.