International zones

International postage charges are determined by the zone your destination country belongs to.

Know your zone

We divide the international delivery network into zones, based on delivery costs and speed. Each zone has its own price point. The zone structure we use depends on the type of item being sent.


The cost of delivering your letter or prepaid product overseas is determined by which of these 3 zones it's being sent to:

  • New Zealand 
  • Asia Pacific 
  • Rest of the World

Parcels and courier items

The cost of sending your parcel or courier item overseas is determined by which of our 8 zones it's being sent to.

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A summary of zones for popular destination countries is provided below. For a comprehensive list, please see the International Post Guide.

Destination country  Parcel zone  Letter zone 
Austria  7 Rest of the World 
Belgium 7 Rest of the World 
Canada 4 Rest of the World  
China Asia Pacific
Denmark Rest of the World 
Fiji Asia Pacific 
Finland Rest of the World 
France Rest of the World 
Germany Rest of the World  
Greece Rest of the World 
Hong Kong China Asia Pacific 
India Asia Pacific 
Indonesia Asia Pacific 
Ireland Rest of the World 
Israel Rest of the World 
Italy Rest of the World 
Japan Asia Pacific 
Korea, South Asia Pacific 
Malaysia Asia Pacific 
Malta Rest of the World 
Netherlands Rest of the World 
New Caledonia  Asia Pacific 
New Zealand  New Zealand
Norway  Rest of the World 
Papua New Guinea  Asia Pacific 
Philippines Asia Pacific 
Poland  Rest of the World 
Singapore  Asia Pacific 
Solomon Islands  Asia Pacific 
South Africa  Rest of the World  
Spain  Rest of the World 
Sri Lanka  Asia Pacific 
Sweden  Rest of the World 
Switzerland  Rest of the World 
Taiwan  Asia Pacific  
Thailand Asia Pacific  
United Kingdom  Rest of the World 
USA  Rest of the World 
Vietnam Asia Pacific 
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Postage regulations, charging zones, customs information and delivery times.

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