Dangerous & prohibited items

Have you got something potentially difficult or dangerous to send? Make sure you're aware of our safety regulations before sending your item.

Some substances can't be posted for delivery within Australia or overseas. For instance, items that are explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or otherwise dangerous.

Dangerous goods exemptions Click to expand Click to collapse

We can deliver some dangerous items, if they meet certain conditions and are packed in a specific way.

Our dangerous goods exemptions policy does permit very small quantities of some dangerous goods (known as "exempted" dangerous goods) when carried on a contract basis and by road transport only.

There are specific requirements for how these goods are packaged and who they are delivered to.

Please read clause 62 through 65 of the Australia Post Terms & Conditions for more information.

Lithium batteries Click to expand Click to collapse

You'll find lithium batteries or cells in portable electronics. They're a dangerous good and present a fire and safety risk if transported incorrectly. Australia Post limits how lithium batteries can be sent, and you're required to send these items in compliance with Australian and international regulations.

What types of lithium batteries can be sent?

Regardless of what domestic or international mail service you use, Australia Post can only carry the following types of lithium batteries:

  • Lithium ion (rechargeable) - 20 watt-hour per cell or 100 watt-hour per battery
  • Lithium metal (non-rechargeable) - one gram per cell or two grams per battery

Lithium batteries can only be sent internationally (air or sea), or domestically by air if the battery or cell (maximum of two batteries or four individual cells) are installed in the device and meet all the packaging requirements.

Recalled, damaged or non-conforming cells or batteries are also prohibited from being sent by Australia Post.

How to package lithium batteries

Make sure that the electronic device you're sending can't be turned on accidentally, and you have used strong internal and external packaging. Under no circumstances should lithium batteries be packed by themselves, or alongside a device. To find out more on how to package your batteries correctly refer to the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Guide (776kb).

Sending lithium batteries overseas

Shipments of electronic items containing lithium cells and batteries are prohibited when sent using the International Courier product.

You cannot send lithium batteries to Germany, Italy, Laos or Macao. If you do, your item will be refused or returned to sender.

Check our International Post Guide for any local restrictions in place before sending Lithium batteries overseas.

Sending items overseas Click to expand Click to collapse

If you are sending an item out of Australia, we must accept it for carriage, and it must also be accepted by the Customs department of the country it's being sent to.

If you're not sure about an item you wish to send out of Australia, we recommend you contact the embassy for that recipient country and seek further advice.

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Not sure about your item?

Is your item dangerous?

Check our dangerous goods guide before sending a potentially dangerous or prohibited item.

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