MyPost Digital Mailbox

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The MyPost Digital Mailbox is an exciting personal online management tool.

Receive mail and pay bills from selected providers and securely store important documents online, in one place and with one password.


  • Access any time, anywhere via any device with an internet connection
  • Free account, including 1GB of personal document storage
  • Control who sends you mail and avoid spam or phishing emails
  • One-click bill payments, payment reminders and automatic payments
  • High levels of security, including encrypted communications
  • Get incoming mail alerts from your Post Office Box
  • All documents stored in Australia by Australia Post

A MyPost Digital Mailbox is easy to use

How it works


Once you have registered, you can redirect mail from selected service providers to your digital mailbox.

You will then receive your mail directly into your digital mailbox from that provider. This includes letters, statements, notices and bills.


Bills can be paid in one click or you can schedule automatic payments for a future date. You can set bill payment reminders and store your credit card details safely for added convenience.


Your personal storage area can be used to organise your personal documents. You have 1GB of free online file storage. Take a photo or scan and upload tax receipts, records, holiday documents, membership details and more.

Support & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

MyPost Digital Mailbox

Manage your mail online with your digital mailbox.

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