Selling to China

Got an authentic Aussie product and the courage to think big? Try setting up shop in China's largest online marketplaces.

Quality Australian-made products are in high demand. And yours might be a great addition to our Australia Post storefronts.

What they're buying

Online shoppers in China tend to be health-conscious and prepared to pay a little more when sourcing premium products from overseas.

Popular product categories include:

  • health products and supplements,
  • cosmetics and skincare,
  • maternity and baby products,
  • milk powder,
  • organic food and wine.

Where you'll be selling

We've teamed up with some of China's most-trusted eCommerce marketplaces to put your product in front of hundreds of millions of online shoppers.

Tmall Global

China's biggest online business-to-consumer marketplace - and it's growing fast.

Visit us on Tmall

JD Worldwide

Second-largest online business-to-consumer marketplace in China.

Visit us on JD


Largest business-to-business marketplace. Like Tmall, it's backed by Alibaba.

Visit us on 1688

5 reasons to set up shop with us

  • Get easy access to China's booming eCommerce marketplaces
  • Build trust with Chinese shoppers by partnering with an international brand
  • Leap the language barrier with help from our translation team
  • Know how to price your products for the Chinese market
  • Get help managing customers returns and refunds

See how the partnership works Click to expand Click to collapse

When you register your interest, we'll respond to let you know if your product's a good fit for our storefronts. If so, here's how we'll work together:

  1. You sign a service agreement with us
  2. You provide product info and photos
  3. We get you set up on our storefronts
  4. Your customers order and pay online
  5. We translate their order into English
  6. You ship the order with us
  7. Your customer confirms they got it
  8. Tmall, 1688 or JD pay us, then we pay into your bank account

Success story: building a beautiful brand

See how Melbourne-based startup bellabox is planning to change the way Chinese shoppers discover new beauty products - with a little help from our Tmall and JD partnerships. Read the full story

Getting started

Seller conditions: does your business tick these boxes?

  • Australian retailer or manufacturer
  • Registered in Australia
  • Product/range made and trademarked in Australia
  • Prepared to invest in building your brand in China

If so, get in touch …

Tell us a few details about your business and we'll go from there.

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