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Get your samples sent to their doorstep


Sample Post is a low cost way to mail people a sample of your product to try.


  • Your customers can 'try before they buy', encouraging them to make a purchase
  • Sending samples through the mail means they can try them in their own home, away from the distractions of other products and brands
  • You save money by avoiding the expense of sampling in the street or at events, or organising your own deliveries

What you can send

Each item you mail containing a sample must follow these guidelines:

  • Maximum weight: 500 grams
  • Maximum size: 180 x 260mm
  • Maximum thickness: 100mm
  • Fragrances or alcohol-based products must be no more than 10ml
  • Cover liquids held in a vial or squeeze pump packaging with a material that is absorbent enough to prevent leakage through the outer packaging
  • Pack foods and perishable items in receptacles that don't let their smell escape
  • Item must not be considered 'dangerous goods' (capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment) - if you are unsure about this, please see the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Post Guide (776kb)

You'll also find more detailed information in our Sample Post Guide (2.76mb).

Please note: You must send your item to us for testing and approval before going ahead with the mailing.

Pricing and payment


Postage rates start at $1.89 per item and depend on the weight and thickness of the item. You can pay for Sample Post using your Australia Post business credit account, or a postage meter.

 Weight Thickness  Price      
0-125g 0-10mm  $1.89
11-20mm  $1.95
21-40mm  $2.30
41-60mm $3.77
61-80mm  $4.01
81-100mm  $4.24
 126-250g 0-10mm  $2
11-20mm  $2.12
21-40mm  $2.36
41-60mm  $3.89
61-80mm  $4.12
81-100mm  $4.36
251-500g 0-10mm  $2.42
11-20mm  $2.47
21-40mm $2.59
41-60mm  $4.01
61-80mm  $4.24
81-100mm  $4.48

If your items are under 20ml, not considered 'dangerous goods' and can be machine processed, they may be eligible for Clean Mail or PreSort Letters

How to use Sample Post

Posting your mail

  1. Submit your intended sample for approval: Please allow 3 full working days for testing approval. Either submit your sample to your Australia Post Account Manager or send to:
    Australia Post
    Att: Sample Post
    Level 2, 219-241 Cleveland Street
  2. Prepare your mail: Prepare your items for posting, ensuring they have typed labels or are machine addressed (if you need a mail house to help you, check our list of Bulk Mail Partners).
  3. When addressing your articles you need to make sure the words 'SAMPLE POST' and 'ROAD TRANSPORT ONLY' is displayed, in capital letters, as shown below. Mark each item clearly in the bottom left hand corner, 'Australia Post Letter Delivery Service'. If your items are not metered, you'll also need the 'Postage Paid Australia' imprint.
  4. Complete lodgement documentation: Complete the Sample Post Lodgement Form (80kb) or, if you're paying using a postage meter, complete the Metered Lodgement Document (120kb)
  5. Lodge your mail: Take your completed document, with your items, to your closest approved lodgement facility* (your mail house may use the Electronic Lodgement Management System (eLMS) and arrange for your items to be collected instead).

    Indicators must be within a minimum of 19 x 25mm and a maximum of 26 x 40mm.

Terms and conditions apply.

Need help?

If you have any questions about Sample Post, call us on 13 11 18 or email us.

You'll also find more detailed information in our Sample Post Guide (2.76mb)

*Approved lodgement facilities are those you nominated when you applied for an Australia Post business credit account. If you don't have an Australia Post business credit account, you can lodge your articles at a Post Office.

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