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Sending something overseas? Check postage regulations, customs information and delivery times for your destination country.

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Postage Services and Options for UNITED STATES
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Services Availability Usual delivery + Extra Cover to Availability Weight to Extra Cover to
Express Courier International Platinum
Express delivery to 130 cities around the world guaranteed within 2 business days. Available from selected retail centres in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney only.
Available Footnote:º 1-2 work days $5,000 Available Footnote:º 10kg $5,000
Express Courier International
Express international door-to-door delivery of documents and goods to over 200 countries.
Available Footnote:1 2-4 work days $5,000 Available Footnote:1 20kg $5,000
Express Post International
Express delivery to more than 200 countries in 3-7 business days between metro areas of major cities.
Available 3-7 work days Not Available Available Footnote:1 20kg $5,000
Pack and Track International
End-to-end tracking and standard international delivery for letters and parcels up to 2kg.
Available 3-10 work days Not Available Available 2kg $500
Registered Post International
Proof of posting and signature on delivery for international letters & parcels up to 2kg.
Available 3-10 work days Not Available Available 2kg Not Available
Air Mail
Standard international delivery for letters and parcels up to 20kg.
Available 3-10 work days Not Available Available 20kg $5,000
Sea Mail
Most economical overseas delivery service for international parcels only, when speed is not a priority.
Not Available Available 20kg $5,000
Options Availability Details Availability Details
Delivery Confirmation
A proof of receipt card signed on delivery and returned to the sender via Air Mail
Available Registered only. Available Extra Cover Only. Not Pack and Track.
Includes coins, travellers cheques, platinum, gold or silver, jewels, precious stones etc
Not Available Extra Cover ECI only. No notes. Not Available Extra Cover only. No notes.
Duty-payable Articles
Items for which customs duty may be payable.
Available Available Payable by Recipient (for ECI Platinum)
Perishable Biological
Substance that does not contain living pathogenic micro organisms, living pathogenic viruses or other pathogenic substances
Available Non-infectious only. Available Non-infectious only.
Fax Post Bureau
A global service to send/receive facsimiles via local post offices.
Not Available Private fax machines only. Not Available Private fax machines only.


  • Available
  • Not Available
  • Optional


  1. ECI and EPI - Parcels deliver to all destinations

    ECI and EPI - Parcels does deliver to a Post Office Box and Poste Restante.

  2. Express Courier International Platinum

    Available from selected retail centres in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney only. Refer to Guide to Express Courier International Platinum Outlets (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney).

    Shipments must be lodged at the counter by 2pm to guarantee two business day delivery (excluding time with border agencies). Maximum shipment size is 50x50x50 cm.

    Shipment Waybill and Declaration forms, available at participating retail centres, need to be filled out by hand and attached to the shipment (instructions available in-store). For Customs declarations, articles may not be declared as containing "Personal effects".

    ECI Platinum does not deliver to a Post Office Box or Poste Restante.

    Metropolitan delivery to (valid postcodes in brackets):

    • New York (10000 to10292)
    • Los Angeles (90001 to 90189)
    • Chicago (60290 to 60827)
    • Houston (77001 to 77299)
    • Philadelphia (19019 to 19255)
    • Phoenix (85001 to 85099)
    • San Antonio (78201 to 78299)
    • San Diego (92101 to 92199)
    • Dallas (75201 to 75398)
    • San Jose (95101 to 95196)
  3. +

    Standard delivery times between metropolitan areas of major cities, excludes time in customs if applicable and may be subject to delay due to causes outside of Australia Post's control.

Import restrictions

Senders should determine import restrictions from United States of America authorities before posting:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animals and animal products
  • Firearms
  • Foodstuffs
  • Goods originating from Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria
  • Hides
  • Knives
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Registered articles
  • Skins
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Vegetable and other plant products
  • Weapons
  • Wool.

USA admits duty-free genuine personal gifts not exceeding $US 25 value (excluding tobacco products and perfume).

Special documentation

Senders should provide a Certificate of Origin, whenever possible.

As a result of new regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration under the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, all shipments of articles of food to the United States must be preceded by a prior notice of shipment. This applies to articles shipped for commercial purposes or as gifts.

Articles of food include (but are not limited to): food for humans or animals, dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, vitamins, food and colour additives.

Articles of food which are non-commercially prepared by an individual in his own residence and sent to another individual as a (non-commercial) gift are exempt from submission of this prior notice. This prior notice may be submitted and a prior notice conformation number obtained via

Mail shipments containing food articles for which a prior notice conformation number has not been entered on the customs declaration may be returned to the sender or (if no return address is included) destroyed.

Should you require information on what must be submitted with a prior notice, consult the Food and Drug Administration.


In addition to items prohibited by Dangerous and Prohibited Goods & Packaging Post Guide and ECI and EPI - Parcels Regulations, United States of America prohibits:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animals and animal products
  • Animal or vegetable fats/oils
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Cereals
  • Coffee and tea
  • Chain letters
  • Cork and articles of cork
  • Dairy produce, birds’ eggs; natural honey
  • Fruit, nuts and citrus peel
  • Fertilizers
  • Furs
  • Inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Lottery tickets or related advertising
  • Lac, gums and resins
  • Mineral fuels and oils
  • Measuring, medical or surgical instruments
  • Meat and fish products
  • Optical, photographic, cinematographic products
  • Printed books, newspapers, pictures- offensive by nature
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Preparations of meat, fish or crustaceans
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Vegetables and vegetable products
  • Wool, animal hair
  • Wood and articles of wood
  • Wine
  • Wheat products.

Transporting food of any kind is prohibited under ECI Platinum.

Mail Security

The United States Postal Service has advised that, owing to heightened security, longer delivery times are likely for articles addressed to US government agencies. This applies in particular to Washington DC five-digit zip codes ranging from 202xx - 205xx.

Mail may be subject to irradiation treatment prior to delivery. The irradiation process is safe, but the US Postal Service is advising mail users that particular commodities may be affected:

  • Any biological sample e.g. blood samples, could be rendered useless
  • Diagnostic kits e.g. to monitor blood sugar levels, may be adversely affected
  • Photographic film will be fully exposed
  • Food will be adversely affected
  • Drugs and medicines could have their efficacy affected
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses could be adversely affected
  • Electronic devices would probably be rendered inoperable

The US Postal Service advises that each irradiated mail article will bear an official notification to the addressee that the item was subjected to an irradiation process.