Fixing a payroll processing error for former employees

In August 2021, Australia Post announced that, as part of a regular proactive compliance review, we had identified an error in our payroll systems.

The review, which covered the period 1 August 2013 to 31 August 2019, identified that the error impacted approximately 19,500 former employees who finished their employment with Australia Post during that time. When their final payments were calculated, their accrued annual leave entitlement was only calculated up until their last fortnightly accrual period and not up until their final day at Australia Post. Former employees whose employment ended from 1 September 2019 onwards, were not impacted.

We are contacting all impacted former employees by letter to let them know and arrange payment of the money owed, with interest.

Impacted former employees who receive a letter

If you receive a letter from Australia Post informing you that you’ve been impacted, please complete the myPayroll Remediation form on our portal. This will start the process to ensure you receive the money owed, with interest.

Former employees who have changed address since impacted period

If you left Australia Post between 1 August 2013 and 31 August 2019, have changed your address since this period, and think you may be impacted, please complete the myPayroll Remediation form on our portal. Australia Post will contact you if you’ve been impacted.

We deeply apologise to our former team members who have been impacted – please be assured we are doing everything we can to make this up to you.