Your item may have been affected by flood waters

Due to the impacts of widespread flooding and severe weather in New South Wales and Queensland, several of our facilities and Post Offices were affected and some mail held during this time has been severely damaged. 

While every effort was made to move mail and parcels to a safe location prior to the flooding, as your item has not been delivered as expected, it is possible that it may have been severely damaged and contaminated by the flood waters.  

Due to flood waters containing high levels of contaminants – including sewage, agricultural and industrial waste, and chemicals – and in line with necessary health and safety protocols, we are required to dispose of all damaged and contaminated items securely. 

For undamaged parcels our team is continuing to deliver across the region where it is safe to do so, and we do ask you for your continued patience and to allow extra time for your parcel to arrive. 

If you were expecting any important identity or financial documentation, we strongly encourage you to contact the sender to let them know what has happened.