Discover your digital potential

The internet has become an important way to socialise, shop and conduct everyday tasks. We want to make sure that everyone has the skills and confidence to use it.

What is Digital Discovery?

Digital Discovery will teach you how to navigate the web and digital world through our online courses. This includes guided lessons and simple activities with the support of lecturers and the online learning community. The courses are suitable for people with minimal experience using computers. All you need to get started is an email address.

Digital Discovery courses have been designed by Deakin University, supported by us and delivered through Future Learn.

Information for mentors and community organisations

Help someone else get online

How often have you needed to help a friend or relative though an online activity? Give them a long-term IT solution by supporting them to sign up to Digital Discovery. It’s the free online course to help people online.

Download your free Digital Discovery Mentoring Guide to help you get started.

Are you helping others improve their digital skills?

Digital Discovery can be delivered in classrooms, libraries, community centres or anywhere people are trying to improve their digital skills and confidence.

Download our free Digital Discovery Community Guide to explore lesson formatting and ideas to guide Digital Discovery programs.

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