Terms of use

These 'Safe Drop' Terms of Use are 'Additional Terms' (as defined in the MyPost Account Terms of Use) that apply to your request for and our provision of, the MyPost Safe Drop Service.

Unless specified in clause 4 below, or otherwise in these Terms of Use, capitalised words have the same meaning as set out in the MyPost Account Terms of Use.

Each time you submit a request for the MyPost Safe Drop Service, or cancel a request, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in: 

(a) these Terms of Use;
(b) the MyPost Account Terms of Use;
(c) the Website Terms & Conditions; and
(d) the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

Unless otherwise stated in these Terms of Use, if there's any inconsistency between any of the above documents, the earlier mentioned document will take precedence to the extent of that inconsistency.

1. Availability of the MyPost Safe Drop Service

1.1 The MyPost Safe Drop Service is only available for deliveries to an address that is accessible and to a requested delivery location where it is safe to leave parcels. Addresses where the front of the property is near to the street, or apartments that are not accessible to a person who is making the delivery, are generally not suitable for the MyPost Safe Drop Service.

1.2 This Service will only be available for parcels sent via the Click & Send, Online Sending or eParcel services where the sender has not opted-out.

1.3 Where a MyPost Safe Drop has been requested it may be cancelled by the MyPost account holder and if required, a new delivery location (at the same address) may be specified, provided such request is received by the person delivering the parcel prior to making the delivery.

1.4 In most cases a request for the Service (or any cancellation / update to the delivery location) will need to be made at least an hour before the delivery in order to provide notification to the person delivering the parcel. In some cases where you make a request for the Service, there will be insufficient tim