Cool kicks: shop the latest and greatest sneakers

From the classics to edgier styles, we break down the sweetest must-have kicks for girls and guys.

Sneakers as street-wear are a universally staple footwear, both comfortable and fashionable, and most of us have a few pairs to switch out as the mood takes us. Some of us are even “sneaker freakers” who love nothing more than getting our hands on the latest limited-edition releases.

With so many kicks in various styles to choose from, we've put together this list of the most coveted, so you’ll never put a foot wrong selecting the right pair of new sneakers (or two..or three).

Also in Skechers streetwear range, you’ll find the Shiny Dancer - a sparkly gold number with beads and rhinestones ($109.95). These slips-ons are for those who want to make a statement (and be able to spot their shoes easily in their closet when in a hurry).