Space Invaders stamp pack

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Space Invaders stamp pack

$ 26. 00
Fans of retro video games will love our Space Invaders licensed stamp pack, including special game sound effects. View details
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The Space Invaders stamp pack comprises of two sheetlets of 10 x $1 stamps featuring the Balloon stamp from the 2016 Love to Celebrate stamp issue. There are 10 stamp-tabs in each sheetlet featuring images from graphics from the classic video game.

TAITO is the exclusive owner of the global intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, for SPACE INVADERS and its characters, and takes an active role regarding new SPACE INVADERS-related enterprises.

Planned and developed by TAITO Corporation (TAITO), the legendary arcade game SPACE INVADERS became a global phenomenon soon after its release in 1978.

In the game, players shoot down the attacking enemy invaders that appear in five rows of 11 lines by manipulating the CANNON (the player) while avoiding the invader attack and protecting the CANNON with the BUNKERS. The game ends when an invader succeeds in landing on the base. SPACE INVADERS swept the world soon after its debut because of its unique and completely new features.

Players were thrilled by the exciting new gameplay experience of attacking enemy invaders. Two styles of the SPACE INVADERS game were introduced to the Japanese market: an upright cabinet and a table model. The table model soon captured the imagination of the Japanese, who never really accepted the upright cabinet model.

New locations for table models included coffee shops. In some coffee shops where the SPACE INVADERS tables were installed it was found that customers visited the shop not to have a cup of coffee but to play SPACE INVADERS. As a result, many so-called “Invader Houses” filled with SPACE INVADERS tables were opened in Japan. The SPACE INVADERS craze took off, reportedly leading to a shortage of 100 yen coins in Japan as people fed coins into the game.

As a side effect of the phenomenon, TAITO struggled with illegal copies of the game in the market. At that time, computer programs were not clearly protected by the Copyright Act in Japan. However, TAITO claimed that computer programs should be regarded as copyrighted works, with the result that SPACE INVADERS became the first computer program to be protected by the Copyright Act.

Today SPACE INVADERS iconic characters frequently appear as TAITO’s corporate mascots and in licensed projects worldwide. SPACE INVADERS has the honour of being included in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collections and has also collaborated with several high-end brands. SPACE INVADERS is now proudly established as one of the most admired games in the world.

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