Deliveries will resume to certain countries

15 October 2021

International air services to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Kuwait, India, Malaysia and Philippines will resume shortly. Deliveries to Korea, Taiwan and Ireland remain suspended.

China deliveries – some services are suspended

15 October 2021

Standard and Economy Air services to China will be suspended between 18 October and 1 November 2021, due to limited flight capacity. Other delivery options remain available.

Delivery delays expected from Canada

13 October 2021

Canada Post has temporarily suspended some outgoing parcel services to Australia and New Zealand due to a lack of air freight capacity. The suspension impacts parcels sent by air, with letters and parcels sent by sea continue to be delivered. We are closely monitoring efforts by Canada Post to resume their air parcel service to Australia.

Major delays for deliveries to China

6 October 2021

Parcel delivery to China is currently delayed due to limited flight availability. We continue to send letters and parcels to this destination, though major delays should be expected. For estimated timeframes please see our international delivery times.

Oman deliveries may be delayed

6 October 2021

Items sent to Oman may be affected by disruptions and delays due to the Tropical Cyclone Shaheen. Numerous areas of Oman have been experiencing flash floods.