29 July 2021

Australia Post is committed to providing Norfolk Island with a reliable mail and parcels service and we continue to look for ways we can improve this for the community.

We rely on third parties to offer a reliable, consistent and cost effective service. This includes working with airlines and shipping companies for the transport of mail and parcels both to and from Norfolk Island.

There are current challenges with the supply chain by sea to Norfolk Island. A reduced number of scheduled ship crossings, and the need for third-parties to prioritise essential food and medical supplies, means there is very limited capacity for the transport of mail and parcels by sea.

To address this, Australia Post will be putting on additional charter flights to transport mail and parcels to Norfolk Island. However, customers must be mindful some products are unable to be delivered by air, such as dangerous goods (PDF 1.1MB).

Important information for Christmas deliveries

We expect these service impacts to continue until Christmas and we strongly recommend customers sending to/from Norfolk Island factor in these service challenges and plan ahead, including ordering early for Christmas. Where possible, it is also recommended customers choose Express Post as it is the fastest and most reliable option using air transport.

Australia Post is in regular discussions with third party operators to work through the challenges they face and ensure a viable, efficient service in the future.

The Australia Post team are committed to providing regular updates about any delivery delays or challenges to/from Norfolk Island.

We expect more sea transport capacity to become available later in the year and will keep our customer across any changes.