7 August 2020

Following reports of unsolicited seed packets being received through the mail, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has issued an important reminder to be biosecurity aware:

Imported seeds that do not meet biosecurity conditions can threaten our environment, agricultural industries and even backyard gardens. They could be an invasive species or carry harmful plant diseases. This is why we have strict conditions for the import of seeds, to help manage these serious biosecurity threats.

If you do receive seeds in the mail that you did not purchase, do not plant the seeds or put them in the garbage. Secure the seeds and immediately report it to the department.

To report a potential biosecurity breach visit the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment website or call 1800 798 636.

If you are considering purchasing seeds from overseas, make sure you check whether they are permitted and if there are any import conditions. For more information, visit the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment website.