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United Kingdom

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The following items are prohibited from importation, meaning they won't be allowed to enter the destination country, territory or region.

To check which items are considered dangerous and prohibited for sending from Australia, download our dangerous goods guide (1.2MB).

  • Aerosols
  • Alcoholic beverages and liquids containing more than 24% Alcohol by volume
  • Ammunition
  • Asbestos
  • Ashes (Human Remains)
  • Batteries
  • Clinical and medical waste
  • Controlled drugs and narcotics
  • Corrosive substances
  • Counterfeit currency, bank notes and postage stamps
  • Dry ice
  • Environmental waste
  • Electronic items containing any batteries exceeding 100Wh
  • Explosives
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Frozen water
  • Gases
  • Goods made in foreign prisons
  • Human and animal remains
  • Infectious substances UN2814 or UN2900
  • Lighters and refills containing flammable liquid or gas
  • Living creatures, animals and reptiles
  • Lottery tickets
  • Magnetised material
  • Matches
  • Obscene publications and pornography
  • Oxidising materials and organic peroxides
  • Pesticides
  • Poisonous, toxic liquids, solids or gases
  • Radioactive materials
  • Solvent-based paints, wood varnishes and enamels
  • Tickets and related advertisements for illegal lotteries
  • Waste, dirt, filth or refuse
  • Weapons, including any bladed or sharply pointed items, for example knives or axes

Transporting food of any kind is prohibited under International Courier.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries and devices containing them are prohibited from being sent via International Courier services.

Please refer to the following websites for further information: