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EU customs changes affecting businesses

On 1 July 2021, important customs changes will apply to businesses sending goods to EU countries.


The following items are prohibited from importation, meaning they won't be allowed to enter the destination country, territory or region.

To check which items are considered dangerous and prohibited for sending from Australia, download our dangerous goods guide (1.2MB).

  • Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Antiques
  • Asbestos
  • Bullion and currency
  • Chain letters
  • Dangerous goods, haz or comb materials
  • Electrical appliances
  • Fur
  • Hosiery
  • Ivory
  • Jewellery
  • Lottery tickets
  • Live trees and other plants
  • Pornography
  • Precious metals
  • Reproductions of bank notes or designs resembling them
  • Saccharine
  • Seeds and fruit
  • Shoes
  • Toys

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries and devices containing them are prohibited from being sent via International Express.

Import restrictions

If an item is subject to import restrictions, it means that provisions must be met before it will be released from customs in the destination country, territory or region.

We recommend you confirm import restrictions with local authorities before posting:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animals and animal products
  • Coffee, tea and spices
  • Cereals
  • Cocoa and cocoa products
  • Drugs: prescription and non-prescription
  • Medicines
  • Fabric and fabric samples
  • Edible fruit and nuts
  • Foodstuffs, prepared
  • Mineral products
  • Military equipment
  • Pest destroying products
  • Perishables
  • Personal effects
  • Pearls, precious stones and metals
  • Plants and plant products, seeds
  • Shoes
  • Seeds
  • Sugar and sugar confectionary
  • Textile articles
  • Tapes; computer
  • Tobacco
  • Vegetables

EDN’s and export permits are required for:

  • Kangaroo skins
  • Crocodile skins
  • Emu oil
  • Fish oil
  • Bunker oil
  • Coal
  • Petroleum-based products
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Any other alcohol including beer and spirits all volumes

Slovakia customs decide the value of an article based on the internal price of similar articles. Articles to a value of 300 crowns are exempt from customs duty.


Gifts not exceeding or ECI0 crowns for the personal use of the addressee or family do not require an import permit. If the gift exceeds 2000 crowns, the addressee must provide a gift certificate authenticated by an authorised agent.


Senders should ascertain import restrictions from the addressee before sending postage stamps. Gifts of philatelic articles are restricted to 3 per year and the shipment must not exceed 100 stamps and 100 crowns in value. Philatelic articles to philatelists must not exceed 1000 crowns in any year.

Used clothing

Slovakia admits used clothing, underwear and footwear only in the following conditions:

  • persons emigrating for a lengthy period or for professional reasons
  • inherited or bequeathed clothing
  • personal clothing of travellers that accords with the duration and purpose of their journey.

Senders should state the relevant condition on the customs declaration.

Books, records, tapes and films

Postal articles containing books, printed publications, gramophone records, recording tape or cinefilms must not contain other goods.

Okay to send? Send responsibly.

As the sender, it's your responsibility to make sure your items don't break any laws or rules – both within Australia and in the destination country.

Restrictions and conditions can change at short notice so the information on this page should be used as a guide only. For the latest information, you should check the UPU prohibitions & restrictions (PDF 7.2MB) or contact the destination country's customs, postal trade or government authority.

It's also your responsibility to check if the destination country imposes any duties, taxes, brokerage fees or any other fees on the item you're sending. If you're unsure, please contact the consulate office of the destination country.

Special documentation

In addition to our customs forms, authorities in the destination country, territory or region require further documentation for some items.

Attach all invoices to the customs declaration.

The sender and receiver details must be addressed with a valid street address in English. A Post Office Box address is not acceptable.

The sender is responsible for finding if the destination country may impose duties, taxes, brokerage fees or any other fees that may be applied on the item that is being sent. Please contact the consulate office of the country you are sending to or contact the Australia Post Customer Contact Centre on 13 76 78.

Delivery locations & exclusions

Before sending to this destination, it’s worth noting a few more details about our international delivery services.

Delivery locations & exclusions data (Personal)

  • International Express (carried via the EMS network) - Parcels deliver to the places shown
    • Banovce Nad Bebravou
    • Banska Bystrica
    • Banska Stiavnica
    • Baderjov
    • Badejov Spa
    • Bodza
    • Bojnice
    • Boleraz
    • Bosaca
    • Bratislava
    • Brezno
    • Brezova Pod Bradlom
    • Brusno
    • Bytca
    • Cadca
    • Chynorany
    • Cierna Nad Tisou
    • Cifer
    • Cinobana
    • Detva
    • Dobsina
    • Dolny Kubin
    • Dubnica
    • Dubova
    • Dunajska Streda
    • Filakovo
    • Galanta
    • Gbely
    • Gelnica
    • Gemerska Horka
    • Handlova
    • Harmanec
    • Hlinik Nad Hronom
    • Hiohovec
    • Hnusta
    • Hodrusa Hamre
    • Holic
    • Hrinova
    • Hrobonovo
    • Humenne
    • Hurbanovo 1
    • Ilava
    • Jablonica
    • Jaslovske Bohunice
    • Jasov
    • Kalinovo
    • Kezmarok
    • Kolarovo
    • Komarno
    • Kosice
    • Kralovsky Chimec
    • Kremnica
    • Kremnicke Bane
    • Krompachy
    • Krupina
    • Kutniky
    • Kuty
    • Kysucke Nove Mesto
    • Ladce
    • Lednicke Rovne
    • Levice
    • Levoca
    • Lipany
    • Liptovsky Hradok
    • Liptovsky Mikulas
    • Lozorno
    • Lubochna
    • Lucenec
    • Malacky
    • Martin
    • Medzev
    • Medzilaborce
    • Michalovce
    • Mochovce
    • Modra 1
    • Moldava
    • Myjava
    • Nalepkovo
    • Namestovo
    • Nemsova
    • Nitra
    • Nizna
    • Nova Bana
    • Nova Dubnica
    • Novaky
    • Nove Mesto Nad Vahom
    • Nove Sady
    • Nove Zamky
    • Opatova
    • Oravsky Podzamok
    • Partizanske
    • Pezinok
    • Piesok
    • Piestany
    • Plesivec
    • Podbrezova
    • Poltar
    • Poprad
    • Povazska Bystrica
    • Prakovce
    • Presov
    • Pribenik
    • Prievidza
    • Puchov
    • Rajec
    • Rakova
    • Rakovec Nad Ondavou
    • Raslavice
    • Revuca
    • Rimauska Sobota
    • Rohoznik
    • Rovinka
    • Roznava
    • Ruzomberok
    • Sabinov
    • Sala
    • Samorin
    • Secovce
    • Senec
    • Senica
    • Sered
    • Skalica
    • Sliac
    • Slovenska Lupca
    • Slovenske Nove Mesto
    • Smolenice
    • Snina
    • Spisska Nova Ves
    • Stara Tura
    • Stropkov
    • Stupava
    • Surany
    • Svaty Jvr
    • Svidnik
    • Svit
    • Tisovec
    • Tlmace
    • Topolcany
    • Trebisov
    • Trencianske Teplice
    • Trencin
    • Trnava
    • Trstena
    • Trstin
    • Turany
    • Turcianske Teplice
    • Turdosovce
    • Turzovka
    • Tvrdostin
    • Velke Kapusany
    • Velky Krtis
    • Velky Kyr
    • Velky Meder
    • Velky Saris
    • Vojany
    • Vrable
    • Vranov Nad Toplou
    • Vrbove
    • Vysny Kubin
    • Zahorska Bystrica
    • Zarnovica
    • Zavadka Nad Hronom
    • Zem Kostolany
    • Ziar Nad Hronom
    • Zilina
    • Zlate Moravce
    • Zlatno
    • Zohor
    • Zvolen

International Express - Parcels does not deliver to a Post Office Box or Poste Restante.

  • International Express - Letters service available on a non-guaranteed basis

For more information from the overseas carrier, check the Posta Slovenska website.

Make sure it's safe to send

Some items are considered dangerous and unsuitable for sending from Australia, even if they’re not prohibited by the destination country.