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Check our destination guide for postal restrictions and requirements


The following items are prohibited from importation, meaning they won't be allowed to enter the destination country, territory or region.

To check which items are considered dangerous and prohibited for sending from Australia, download our dangerous goods guide (1.2MB).

  • Animals, live
  • Animal and vegetable fats and oils
  • Albuminoidal substances; modified starches; glues; enzymes
  • China made products
  • Items contrary to the political, social or moral order of the State
  • Lac, gums and resins
  • Lottery tickets and circulars
  • Modified starches, glues, enzymes
  • Pesticides, weedicide and the like

Transporting food of any kind is prohibited under International Courier.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries and devices containing them are prohibited from being sent via International Courier services.

Import restrictions

If an item is subject to import restrictions, it means that provisions must be met before it will be released from customs in the destination country, territory or region.

We recommend you confirm import restrictions with local authorities before posting:

  • Alcohol, wine
  • Antiques
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Bees
  • Cinefilms, non-inflammable
  • Cameras
  • Computer systems
  • Consumer electronic goods
  • Cotton
  • Chemicals and allied items
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Drawing and mathematical equipment
  • Films and videos
  • Fountain pens and parts
  • Gold and silver
  • Insecticides and pesticides
  • Jewellery
  • Liqueurs
  • Medicines
  • Mobile Handsets (classified under ITC (HS) Code ‘8517’ ) without International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) No. or with all Zeroes IMEI is prohibited 
  • Pencils, lead or propelling
  • Perfumes
  • Plants, fruit and seeds
  • Precious stones and synthetic stones or gems
  • Radio and wireless apparatus
  • Silk and objects made of silk
  • Sports goods and equipment
  • Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • Watches and watch parts
  • Wool

Perishable articles and edible substances

Send perishable articles and edible substances by Air Mail.


All packages labelled as 'gift' will attract duties and taxes.

Customs duty

India calculates customs duty on all items. Books and magazines are duty-free.

Okay to send? Send responsibly.

As the sender, it's your responsibility to make sure your items don't break any laws or rules – both within Australia and in the destination country.

Restrictions and conditions can change at short notice so the information on this page should be used as a guide only. For the latest information, you should check the UPU prohibitions & restrictions (PDF 3.2MB) or contact the destination country's customs, postal trade or government authority.

It's also your responsibility to check if the destination country imposes any duties, taxes, brokerage fees or any other fees on the item you're sending. If you're unsure, please contact the consulate office of the destination country.

Special documentation

In addition to our customs forms, authorities in the destination country, territory or region require further documentation for some items.

India requires an import permit for all commercial goods. Before posting any item, senders should confirm that the addressee has any necessary permit.

The customs declaration for all commercial goods must state that an invoice in duplicate and a Certificate of Origin are enclosed.

Delivery locations & exclusions

Before sending to this destination, it’s worth noting a few more details about our international delivery services.

Delivery locations & exclusions data (Personal)

  • International Express and International Standard (carried via the EMS network) - Parcels delivers only to the places shown
    • Agartala
    • Agra
    • Ahmedabad
    • Aizawl
    • Ajmer
    • Allahabad
    • Alwaye
    • Ambala
    • Amritsar
    • Aluvay
    • Auranbad
    • Bangalore
    • Bareilly
    • Belgaon
    • Bhopal
    • Bhubaneshwar
    • Bombay
    • Calcutta
    • Calicut
    • Chandigharh
    • Coimbatore
    • Cuttack
    • Dehradun
    • Delhi
    • Dhanbad
    • Dibrugarh
    • Faridabad
    • Gangtok
    • Goa
    • Gorakhpur
    • Gulburga
    • Gurgaon
    • Guwahati
    • Gwallor
    • Hosur
    • Howrah
    • Hublidharwab
    • Hyderabad
    • Imphal
    • Indore
    • Jaipur
    • Jammu
    • Jamshedpur
    • Johdpur
    • Jorhat
    • Jullundar
    • Kanchipuram
    • Kanpur
    • Kochi
    • Kolan
    • Kottayam
    • Lucknow
    • Ludhiana
    • Madras
    • Mangalore
    • Meerut
    • Moradabad
    • Mumbai
    • Mysore
    • Nagpur
    • Nasik
    • Panaji
    • Panipat
    • Patna
    • Pondicherry
    • Pune
    • Raipur
    • Rajkot
    • Ranchi
    • Salem
    • Shillong
    • Shimla
    • Silchar
    • Siliguri
    • Srinagar
    • Surat
    • Thiruananthapuram
    • Tirupati
    • Tirupur
    • Trichur
    • Trichy
    • Udaipur
    • Udupi
    • Vadodara
    • Varanasi
    • Vijayawada
    • Visakhapatnam

International Express and International Standard - Parcels does not deliver to a Post Office Box but does deliver to Poste Restante.

  • Parcels by Air Mail

The maximum weight for parcels is 20 kg except to the places shown in the table, where the availability of service and the maximum weight can depend on the time of year.

Place Season Service availability and weight
Dankhar 15 November to 30 June No service
Dodamarg All year Maximum weight if addressed to a private person - 5kg
Kaza 15 November to 30 June No service
Keylang Lota 1 January to 31 March No service

The following places in the State of Kashmir:

Dras Leh Kargil

1 November to 31 May

Maximum weight - 4kg 

No insurance available

The following places in the North East Frontier Agency (Assam Circle):

Anini Vijayanagar Tuting

All year Maximum weight - 2kg

Sealing of Extra Cover packages

Senders should seal Extra Cover packages with lead seals, wax seals, by sewing in calico, or by some other effective means. All seals should bear the same special design or mark of the sender.

  • International Registered Post

International Registered Post is not available to some localities in the State of Jammu. India pays compensation only in case of total loss, total theft or destruction of the article.

  • International Courier

Check our International Courier page to find a participating Post Office.

Shipments must be lodged at the counter by the participating Post Office cut-off time, which may vary by outlet. International parcels are charged according to actual weight. The maximum weight you can send is 20kg and the maximum girth is 140cm.

International Courier Declaration and DHL Airway Bill forms, available at participating retail centres, need to be filled out by hand and attached to the shipment (instructions available in-store). For Customs declarations, articles may not be declared as containing "Personal effects".

International Courier does not deliver to a Post Office Box or Poste Restante.

Metropolitan delivery to (valid postcodes in brackets):

  • Mumbai (400001 to 400614, 400705 to 401201)
  • Dehli (110001 to 110609)
  • Bangalore (560001 to 560106)
  • Hyderabad (500001 to 500096)
  • Ahmedabad (380001 to 380058, 382325 to 382415, 382430 to 382449) Note: guarantee of delivery in 2 business days does not apply to 382442.
  • Chennai (600000 to 600119)
  • Kolkata (700001 to 700101, 700104 to 700108, 711101 to 711107)
  • Pune* (410501 to 411024, 411026 to 411046, 411048 to 411060) Note: guarantee of delivery in 2 business days does not apply to 410506 or 411032.
  • Jaipur (302001 to 302006, 302011 to 302033)
  • Goods to this area may be subject to longer than usual customs delays which may affect the delivery time guarantee

For more information from the overseas carrier, check the India Post website.

Make sure it's safe to send

Some items are considered dangerous and unsuitable for sending from Australia, even if they’re not prohibited by the destination country.