There's an easier way to connect  with customers or loved ones overseas

Simpler international sending options available now.  

We’ll take you to the world

As Australia's largest delivery network, and one of the most trusted, we can help connect you to the world. Whether you're sending a parcel to loved ones in London, or delivering products to your customers in China, we’re here to make that journey as easy as possible.

  • Delivery to more than 190 countries
  • 270,000 international parcels processed daily
  • Lodgement via 15,591 street posting boxes nationwide, accessible 24/7
  • Almost 4,400 Post Offices around Australia
  • 328 million delivery points worldwide

Easy options

We've streamlined our international services, so it's easier for you to make the right choice. You'll know exactly what to use, how it works, and how long it takes to get there.

Enhanced security

You'll no longer need to show us your ID when sending overseas. We’ve improved our x-ray scanning technology - just pop your paid items straight into a street posting box!+

Flexible extras

Sometimes you want extra delivery features, sometimes you don't. Get more flexibility by adding a signature on delivery, extra cover* or tracking, if they're not already included. 

Less paperwork

Take the pain out of admin, with less paperwork to fill out. Most of our new international products will use the same customs form, so getting your item on its way is a breeze.

International Courier**

  • Delivery to metro areas of major cities in 1-2 business days^
  • Tracking included†
  • For urgent items

Prices from $68.74 for parcels and letters.

International Express

  • Delivery to metro areas of major cities in 2-4 business days^
  • Tracking included†
  • Signature on delivery

Prices from $28.74 for parcels & $25.87 for letters.

International Standard

  • Delivery in 6+ business days^
  • Tracking included†
  • For parcels only

Prices from $19.73.

Registered Post International

  • Delivery in 10+ business days^
  • Signature on delivery
  • Includes $100 compensation
  • For letters only

Prices from $14.90.

International Economy: Air

For parcels: up to 2kg;
letters: up to 500g

  • Delivery in 10+ business days^
  • No tracking
  • Letters: up to 500g

Prices from $1.85 for letters & $11.86 for parcels. 

International Economy: Sea^^

For parcels only: 2kg to 20kg***
  • Delivery in 30+ business days^
  • No tracking
  • Cost-effective

Prices from $37.63 (parcels over 2kg only)

Options for selling online

Go digital with payment gateways and more, access the Chinese market and discover marketing services and insights to help you reach new customers.

More shipping options

Streamline your shipping processes, access discounts as you grow, learn about overseas delivery and supply chain support, plus flat rate sending options.

Ways to boost sales

Build efficiencies in the way that you work to help you increase sales, and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

* Additional charges apply. Extra cover is only available to certain countries. Cover restrictions may vary depending on the country. For further details, see our International Post Guide

** Available at selected Post Offices only. Not available through the MyPost Business.

^ Estimated delivery time to metro areas of major cities. Excludes any time in customs and delays due to reasons outside of Australia Post's control. For country specific delivery times, refer to our International Post Guide

† Tracking and Signature on Delivery are only available to certain countries. Additional charges may apply. The signature on delivery fee does not apply to International Express. For country specific details, refer to our International Post Guide

^^ International Economy: Sea is available at Post Offices only. Not available through MyPost Business.

*** Weight limits may vary by country.

⁺ Lodging in a street posting box is not available for international items prepared using MyPost Business. These items must be be lodged at a Post Office or booked for a pickup in select metropolitan locations from your home or office - additional charges apply, not available in all localities. For further details visit MyPost Business