Keeping your dog safe at the beach

17 August 2017

Dogs love the beach. Cooling off in the shallows on a hot day. Chasing away the seagulls. Leaping over the waves. Digging for treasure (or sheer joy?). Rolling in stinking seaweed.

Chocolate is poisonous for pets – fact or fiction?

17 August 2017

You've read the warnings about feeding chocolate to pets – especially dogs. But are they true?

Beat the heat with homemade icy poles – for pets!

17 August 2017

What's more refreshing on a hot day than an icy cold frozen treat? As you reach into the freezer for an icy pole, how about grabbing one for your best (furry) friend too?

A quick guide to moving with pets

17 August 2017

Moving with pets adds a layer of complexity to a house move, but with some careful planning and a little patience, you’ll manage to settle your pet into your new home and stay out of the dog house.

Planning a pet-friendly holiday

21 March 2017

When pets are part of the family, leaving them behind can take the fun out of travelling. Here’s how to plan a pet-friendly holiday and what to keep in mind.

Nail the purrfect gift for your pet

03 November 2016

In the lead up to Christmas, don’t forget to include your most loyal friends on your Christmas shopping list (by ‘friends’ we mean your pets of course).