This is how we're delivering
Christmas magic

This Christmas, choose from our range of delivery choices to receive your parcels where and when you want them.

Home isn't your only delivery address

With thousands of locations across Australia, we have plenty of alternative delivery address for you to choose from.

And a MyPost account gives you easy access to all of them.

Use a free 24/7 Parcel Locker

Collect your parcels anytime, day or night, from a secure temporary locker.1

You’ll find them at convenient locations like train stations, supermarkets and petrol stations – and they’re free.


Choose a Post Office

Send your parcels to a Post Office or your choice – near work, home or anywhere that suits you.1

It’s easy with a MyPost account and our free Parcel Collect service.1


Send to a PO Box

Not just for letters – you can use a PO Box address for parcel deliveries too.1

And if your parcel’s too big to fit your own PO Box, we’ll give you temporary access to one of ours.

Easily control your delivery while it's on the way

Not home to sign for a delivery? Change of plans? No problem!

You can track your delivery2, have it left in a safe place3 or get it redirected to a new location4.

Track your parcel

Get more control over your delivery options by staying up to date.2


Leave it in a safe place

You can request to have your parcel left in a safe location if you're not home.3


Send to a new address

Redirect your parcel to a different address and we'll send it there instead.4


Control your deliveries on the go

Use the Australia Post App to add your delivery addresses, track your parcel, and easily control your deliveries while they’re on the way.

Your delivery, your choice

(Text on screen) More ways to get your parcels delivered.
(Voice over) We know you want convenient delivery options when shopping online.
And we know you don't want to wait around for your parcels to arrive. That's why we're giving you more ways to have your parcels delivered.
Just like using your home address when you're at the checkout.
(Voice over) You can choose to have your order sent to another convenient location like your PO Box, your preferred Post Office, or one of our free 24/7 Parcel Lockers.
(Text on screen) Terms and conditions and collection limits apply. Available at participating Post Offices.
(Voice over) And when the parcel's on its way, you can easily track your delivery... so you'll know when it's going to arrive.
But we know that things can change.... and you might need to have your delivery sent somewhere else.
No problem. You can request to have your parcel redirected... even if it's already on its way.
And if you won't be there when you parcel gets delivered, simply choose a safe spot at the delivery address, and we'll leave it there for you.
(Text on screen) Not all deliveries are eligible for Safe Drop.
(Voice over) Get your parcels when and where you want them.
Download the Australia Post App and get started.

1 Terms and conditions apply. Collection time limits apply. Fees and charges will apply to carriers other than Australia Post and StarTrack to lodge parcels under the Parcel Locker and Parcel Collect (Post Office) services. This cost may be passed on to customers.

You have 48 hours to collect your parcel once it has arrived at a Parcel Locker, or 10 business days to collect once it has arrived at a Parcel Collect (Post Office) location. Post Offices will accept parcels up to 22kg and not greater than 105cm in one dimension. Letters and standard mail that can be delivered to your letterbox, including Express Post letters, will not be accepted. Please refer to the full terms and conditions for further details.

Parcel delivery via red doors is subject to size and availability restrictions. Parcels that can’t be delivered using a red door box will be given a card advising collection from your Post Office. Red door boxes are available at participating Post Offices.

2 Track events will vary depending on the service used and how your item is lodged and delivered. Learn more about our tracking service

3 Available for many parcels, depending on the information provided by the sender and the service used. Not all deliveries are eligible for Safe Drop.

4 Charges apply if you want to change your delivery address. Service only available for parcels in transit, when the sender has used eParcel or MyPost Business for domestic delivery and included your registered email address or MyPost customer number in their shipping information.