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The online recruitment system we use is currently unavailable due to a system breach experienced by PageUp, a company that has helped us, and a number of other large organisations, process job applications.

For more details see this update on our website.

To view and apply for Australia Post jobs please see available positions on Seek, LinkedIn and Indeed.

We pride ourselves on great service

We’re always on the lookout for people passionate about customer service to be the face and voice of our organisation.

Customer service

Be part of our high-performing customer service team that provides phone, online, social media and sales support to our customers. You’ll work with like-minded people in a buzzing and supportive environment that encourages career development and personal growth.


Retail Customer Service Officers work in one of over 4,400 Post Offices every day. It’s a busy environment where you’ll help solve customer queries and develop a broad understanding of our business. Whether it’s helping customers shop, bank, pay bills or connect, you’ll help make their lives easier while enjoying a great work-life balance.

Our recruitment process

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The Recruitment Process for Operational Roles

Female character talks to camera Hi there. Thanks for applying for a job with us here at Australia Post.
Footage of office workers, typing and talking around the office. (Female character voice over) You know, we receive over 100,000 job applications every year and we review each application individually, and we're all about making sure you're not only a great fit for us, but that we're a great fit for you.
Female character talks to camera So, as you can imagine, it does take us some time to process each candidate. At Australia Post we think it's important to fill you in on the recruitment process, whilst you wait to hear back from us.
Footage of Australia Post workers in the Post Office and transport division (Female character voice over) If you've applied for a job in our Post Offices or parcel facilities or if you're keen to hit the road in our transport division, there are a few steps to understand before being offered a role.

Footage of Australia Post recruiters talking on the phone in the office (Female character voice over)

Stage 1: Expect a call from a Recruiter

Firstly, in the next few days, you can expect a call from an Australia Post recruiter, to chat about your previous experience.
Female character no2. talks to camera This is a great time for you to ask questions about what it's like to be a part of our team.

Footage of Australia Post workers in the office

Learn about the culture and environment of where you will be working.
Female character no2. talks to camera If you're a great fit for the role, a recruiter will invite you to progress to the interview or skills assesment stage.
Footage of Australia Post workers in the Post Office and transport division (Female character voice over) If you've applied for a driving role you'll be asked for a driving record and a driving assessment. For other roles, you'll skip straight to the interview with the manager and their team, at their Post Office or facility.
Female character no1. talks to camera The manager will then give us feedback on your interview, and, if successful, will run pre-employment checks such as a police check and in some cases a medical. If everything looks good, we'll send you your job offer to your email address.
Footage of woman walking into office When you accept the job, you'll join a community of other new starters in a corporate induction...
Footage of Australia Post workers in their different environments .. where you'll learn all about the day-to-day tasks of your job, safety protocols, and how you can best serve Australia Post customers.
Female character no1. talks to camera So, thank you again for applying for a job here at Australia Post. We hope you're successful and we look forward to welcoming you to our team.

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