Grow somewhere great in 2019 The Australia Post Graduate Program

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In a lounge room, a young boy plays with a rocket mobile. Another lies on a bed, browsing an electronic tablet. A kneeling boy paints. A girl views a laptop. In slow-motion footage, a boy runs from the camera with his back turned. He follows a path in vast grassland holding a jet aircraft model.

Uplifting music.

VOICEOVER: When you're young, there's no limit to what's possible, what you could do, who you could be, where you could grow. But if we never really stop growing, why should we stop believing that we're capable of incredible things?

A man wearing a safety vest inspects a stationary jet aircraft emblazoned 'StarTrack, a business of Australia Post'.
Why not grow in a place where great things don't just seem possible, they are possible?
In a spacious, modern cafe, two women - one is blonde - and a man chat at a communal table. Laptops are open before them.
Where you're free to discover what you love and turn that into your career.
Day. Outside, a blonde woman greets a postman wheeling his bicycle. Later, she enters an Australia Post branch and chats to a cashier. Four men laugh and chat at a meeting table. They all have laptops open.
Where there are all kinds of opportunities to make your own kind of impact. Where you're not new to the're a part of it.
A brunette woman enters a waiting room and greets a suited man. Later, they chat in a meeting room.
Why not be a part of a place that has the future in its sights...including yours?

Text: Robyn Lambropoulos. Innovation Consultant. 2012 Graduate.

In the cafe, the blonde woman addresses the camera.

ROBYN: When you're a grad, you don't always know what you want to do, but the good thing is Australia Post has lots of opportunities so you can figure it out.

Text: Vivin George. Consumer Services. 2017 Graduate.

The dark-haired man wearing the safety vest addresses the camera before the jet aircraft.

VIVIN: You really feel like you can be yourself at work and you're a valuable member of the team.

Text: Jessie Fountain. Community Adviser. 2015 Graduate.

The blonde customer from the Australia Post branch addresses the camera. She stands outside, before a large red postbox.

JESSIE: You feel like you're part of a community here and that you're really making a difference.

Text: Jason Stevens. Business Analyst. 2015 Graduate.

A man from the meeting table addresses the camera in an open-plan office.

JASON: From a young age, I've always messed around with computers. And now I've turned that passion into a career.

Text: Natalie Appathurai. Head of Marketing eCommerce Delivery. 2009 Graduate.

The brunette woman from the meeting room addresses the camera in an open-plan office.

NATALIE: Since starting as a graduate to now heading up the Marketing team, it's been such an amazing journey at Australia Post.

The Australia Post logo appears on a white screen.

Text: Grow somewhere great.

VOICEOVER: The Australia Post 2019 Graduate Program. Grow somewhere great.
Robyn Lambropoulos.
ROBYN: Honestly, I'm still really excited because I feel like there's so much room for me to grow.
Fade to a black screen.  


Over our more than 200-year history, our social purpose and commitment to the community hasn’t changed: to connect people with each other and the world, unlocking opportunities for everyone.

We provide services to more Australians than any other business, and deliver to over 11.9 million addresses across the country. This important role we play in our community means that we deliver much more than parcels and letters.

At the heart of every Australian community, our people are a regular presence to rely on. We've always looked for ways to link communities together and listen to what matters to them.

By joining our Graduate Program, you’ll become part of our workforce that’s made up of over 70,000 individuals from all walks of life, with all kinds of interests. But the one we all share is a passion for making things better for every Australian.

Working in a dynamic and supportive culture that values innovation and growth, you’ll see your innovative ideas and thoughts turn into reality, and become part of a genuinely fun and tightknit graduate group.

If you like the sound of this, then you might be the perfect fit for Australia Post.

Are you what we’re looking for?

Our graduates are people who:

  • thrive on working in a fast-paced and changing environment
  • can generate new and innovative ideas and solutions to help drive success in one of the fastest growing markets in Australia
  • are highly motivated and will enrich our diverse workforce

Check out our Graduate Streams to see if we have a role that suits you.


The majority of our graduate roles are based at Australia Post Headquarters in Melbourne CBD, in our five-star green rated building.

Diversity & inclusion

At Australia Post, we believe diversity drives innovation and we’re proud to have a culture where everyone is valued.

Together, we continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees. It creates a closer connection to our customers and the communities we serve. To us, diversity is about attracting and retaining talented people who bring a broad range of skills, experiences, leadership styles and capabilities.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for the Australia Post Graduate Program, you must:

  • have completed your undergraduate or postgraduate studies within the last 3 years, or currently be completing them
  • have Australian citizenship or permanent residency (including New Zealand citizenship) when you apply

How the Australia Post Graduate Program works

As a graduate, you'll participate in a structured 2-year program, with rotations exposing you to both business-as-usual activities and standalone projects within the stream you apply for.

Application Process

The next intake will be for our 2021 Australia Post Graduate Program. We’re creating an exciting new graduate development program that will focus on the future skills that will change the way we do business at Australia Post. If you’re interested in joining us before then, check out our Jobs page.

  • Before applying, check to see if you’re eligible.
  • To apply for our Graduate Program, you’ll need to fill in and submit our online application form.
  • If your application is successful, you’ll move on to the subsequent stage/s. Check out the recruitment stages below for further details.

Australia Post Graduate Streams

Our Development Program

Our main goal is to help you grow and become a great leader. As an Australia Post graduate, you'll be involved in meaningful work across our business from the very beginning. You'll gain exposure to a variety of projects and will have the opportunity to develop critical skills that will make you a true business all-rounder.

You'll also experience many development opportunities - both formal and those that arise as a result of your enthusiasm and initiative.

To provide you with maximum exposure, we follow the 70/20/10 rule which involves a combination of formal and informal development methods.

Learn on the job (70 per cent)

Whether you’ve been involved in volunteer work, striving for your best in your studies or even coaching a sports team, you’ve been specifically selected as a graduate based on the footprint you’ve left on the world.

Now it's time for you to make your mark at Australia Post. We see your potential as a leader of the future and can help you on that journey by letting you get involved in a range of projects and giving you tangible objectives.

Make connections (20 per cent)

Forming solid working relationships is key to your success, so we offer great networking opportunities as part of your development.

You'll have opportunities to meet with senior management and be encouraged to ask lots of questions to learn from their rich experiences. You'll also receive ongoing feedback from your line manager and participate in a buddy and mentor program.

For further support, you'll meet alumni and current graduates who know exactly what it's like to be in your shoes.

Formal training (10 per cent)

Some things are best learned when taught by others, which is why we dedicate a portion of your development to formal training.

This includes technical training relevant to your role and full day workshops that focus on developing your soft skills such as effective communication, presentation skills and more.

Have questions?

If you have any queries about our program, email and we’ll get back to you.

You can also keep up-to-date with all the latest information about our Graduate Program on our Facebook page. You can communicate directly with our graduate recruitment team while you’re there.

Graduate stories

Jessie Fountain – Community Adviser

2015 Graduate Program

“Being in the grad program is a wonderful opportunity. As soon as you enter the organisation, you’ve got this great network of supportive people around you that are going through the same experiences that you are.”

Vivin George – Consumer Services

2017 Graduate Program

“The culture at Australia Post is one that’s really welcoming and really encouraging of grads. There are so many people who want to be your mentors and provide you with their experience and advice.”

Robyn Lambropoulos – Innovation Consultant

2012 Graduate Program

“As a grad coming into Australia Post, I wasn’t a subject matter expert in anything yet really, but everyone that I worked with was really open to understanding and hearing about my perspective.”

Natalie Appathurai – Head of Marketing eCommerce Delivery

2009 Graduate Program

“You have plenty of exposure to different senior leaders and other areas of the business, which really helps you grow your confidence and your social skills.”

Jason Stevens – Business Analyst

2015 Graduate Program

“Post's greatest assets are definitely its people. There are no egos - everyone just wants to do great work.”