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We employ one of the best digital teams in Australia, with dedicated specialists across all areas working together to ensure a positive customer experience. Since technology is at the heart of everything we do, we’ve created an environment that nurtures digital talent across a unique breadth of projects. You’ll also be pushed to innovate and have the opportunity to explore new ideas through Hack Dayz and ongoing optimisation programs.

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Our recruitment process

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The Recruitment Process for Head Office Roles

Male no1. character talks to camera Hi there. Thanks for applying for a job with us here at Australia Post.
Footage of office workers, typing and talking around the office. (Male character voice over) You know, we receive over 100,000 job applications every year and we review each application individually, and we're all about making sure you're not only a great fit for us, but that we're a great fit for you.
Male no1. character talks to camera So, as you can imagine, it does take us some time to process each candidate.
Female character talks to camera At Australia Post we think it's important to fill you in on the recruitment process, whilst you wait to hear back from us, and if you've been offered a role in our Melbourne or Sydney headquarters there are a few steps to understand before being offered a role.

Footage of recruitment worker talking on the phone. (Male no2. character voice over)

Stage 1: Expect a call from a recruiter

Firstly, in the next few days, you can expect a call from an Australia Post recruiter, to chat about your previous experience and why you're keen to join the team.
Male no2. character talks to camera This is a great time for you to ask specific questions about the role, the team culture, office environment and how interviews will be run.
Footage of Australia Post workers talking on the phone in the office Our recruiters work really closely with the team you're applying to be a part of, so they've got the inside scoop.

Male no1. character talks to camera

Stage 2: Interview at Headquarters

If you're a great fit for the role, the recruiter will invite you to progress to an interview at our Headquarters.
Footage of two women shaking hands in an interview. Interviews are usually with the team manager, a few people on the team and potentially a key stakeholder. They'll ask you questions about your previous experience, how you've performed in certain scenarios...
Male no1. character talks to camera ... and how you plan to contribute to their strategy.
Female character talks to camera All feedback from the interview is sent to the recruiter.
Female character talking on the phone And if they'd like you to be a part of the team we'll reach out to your referees and run pre-employment checks.

Footage of Australia Post workers around their office environment

Stage 4: Corporate Induction

When you accept the job, you'll join a community of other new starters in a corporate induction. Where you'll learn all about our company's rich history, plans for the future, safety protocols...
Male no1. character talks to camera So, thank you again for applying for a position at Australia Post. We hope you're successful and we look forward to working with you as a part of our team.

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We've got a big history Be part of our future.


We’re always on the lookout for talented people in the following areas:

Product and UI Design; UX Research; UX Design; Content Strategy; Content Marketing and Production; Social Media; Search and Paid Media Performance; Business Analysts; Iteration Management; Agile Coaches; Experience Management; Analytics; Optimisation; Front End Development and more.