Innovation at
Australia Post

From the beginning, Australia Post was founded to help businesses grow and communities prosper. For everyone, everywhere, every day. Today, our purpose remains unchanged. We’re connecting businesses to new customers around the world and consumers to the things they love, through the power of eCommerce.

We’re helping entrepreneurs start up and scale, and established businesses link to new markets. We’re helping to make it easier for Australians to use government services, with clever new digital applications. As ever, we’re not here for the few. We’re here for all Australians. So that everyone can benefit from the new digital world.

Customer centric culture

Delivering better experiences and solutions starts with the customer centric creativity of our people - empowering them to take action on the things that matter to our customers and communities.

We're working with retailers, merchants and government too. Developing new solutions to help them grow and export.

And investing in a new generation of entrepeneurs, so they can start and scale their business.

Empowering our people:

To find better, smarter, faster and more creative ways to help our customers.

Co-creating with customers:

To collaboratively develop new solutions that enhance their prosperity.  

Partnering with start-ups:

We help entrepreneurs start and scale businesses. 

What we’re up to

Here’s a snapshot of how we’re solving customer problems

Online elections made easy

If you’re part of a community or member based organisation that runs paper based elections, our Australia Post start-up VoteAbout can help you make the shift to online voting.

New pack and ship service for Australian SMBs

Melbourne-based startup Fulfilio provides a national end-to-end service for e-commerce businesses using the Australia Post delivery network.

New apartment buildings to have delivery lockers

This will mean fewer parcel losses and no need to visit a Post Office for collection.

US paying attention to our innovation

Boosting e-commerce for small and medium-sized businesses, Pitchfest and Digital iD™ are just some of the things being praised.

Australia Post Regional Pitchfest National Final

Wagga’s own Michael Nixon has proved age is no barrier when it comes to innovation.

The end of multiple logins?

We're designing a digital ID solution that could enhance citizen services.

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