Low cost essentials cover

You can get a better deal on your car insurance with our Third Party Property Fire and Theft cover.

Buy this policy online and you'll receive a 15% discount1.

It's a great option if you're mainly worried about the costs of repairing someone else's car and your own car is valued at less than $20,000.

Plus, you'll also be covered if your car is stolen or catches fire,  and if you have a no-fault accident and the other vehicle is uninsured but the driver can be identified, you will be covered for up to $5,000.

Quick benefits guide

  • 15% online discount1

  • Cover if your car is stolen or damaged by fire
  • Lifetime guarantee on authorised repairs
  • Cover if your car damages other people's property
  • Car hire if your car is stolen
  • Cover for up to $5,000 if your car is damaged in a no fault accident with an uninsured vehicle2

  • Discounts for restricted drivers3

Please note: Third property fire and theft car insurance doesn't cover damage caused by an attempted theft, such as a broken window. The information above is a summary only. See the Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions.