MyPost Business: Helping small businesses get back on their feet

Many small businesses are feeling the pressure to keep up with changing demands and their business model has shifted to online sending. But without the volumes of large businesses, the cost of sending parcels can creep up. MyPost Business is changing that.

Key points

  • MyPost Business helps small businesses manage their sending and get savings on the number of qualifying1 parcels sent.
  • MyPost Business has introduced two new savings Bands for businesses with a low but steady volume, and businesses that are rapidly growing.
  • A MyPost Business account lets you offer customers detailed tracking and save on your postage costs.

The pace of online shopping has kicked up a massive notch this year since the COVID-19 lockdown. Australia Post’s Inside Australian Online Shopping update reported that the domestic eCommerce industry grew 80% YOY between March and April 2020. With this spike comes the pressure to pack and send an overwhelming number of parcels.

For many small businesses, this means handling the logistics themselves and often at a higher sending cost than if they had enough volume to be on a parcel-sending service. But unlike large businesses, they don’t have the volumes to qualify for this service. Or so they thought.

Over the past four years, MyPost Business has been helping 283,000 small businesses in Australia manage their sending in a single account and get savings on the number of qualifying1 parcels sent. Customers have the option to pay for parcel postage online or at a Post Office.

Savings on parcel sending prices are calculated based on the number of qualifying parcels sent over an 8 week or 12 month period depending on which yields the greatest savings.

“There are six levels of savings called Bands,” explains Peter Cristiano, a Senior Manager at MyPost Business. “Customers typically start on Band 0 when they create a MyPost Business account. We’ll calculate the volume of qualifying parcels you’ve sent over the past 8 weeks and give you access to the relevant savings Band.”

Savings on low but steady shipping volume

Despite the rise in online shopping, not all businesses are enjoying a massive spike in orders. Many are still sending between 8-39 parcels every 8 weeks and could be saving up to 10% off their eligible domestic parcel sending by being on Band 1.

Peter says, “You’ll begin to see savings on the first Saturday after you’ve sent 8 or more qualifying parcels in the last 8 weeks or 50 or more in the last 12 months. We’ve had positive feedback from customers whose business is growing but they still aren’t sending enough to qualify for Band 2 savings.”

Then there are other perks of a signing up for a MyPost Business account, such as having a single online account that integrates seamlessly with your eBay store, generating shipping labels, offering a choice of delivery speed and parcel tracking. You can also create multiple shipping labels by uploading your website orders as a CSV file.

Small businesses getting big

Many businesses have seen a steep uptake in their online orders and new customers. This could have pushed their parcel volumes to increase rapidly but the savings on their increased volumes wouldn’t have changed beyond the current maximum Band 4 in MyPost Business.

In order to save more, this would have meant moving to a contract product to get better pricing. Now this too has changed.

If you’re sending more than 320 qualifying parcels in 8 weeks or more than 2,000 qualifying parcels in 12 months, you can save up to 40% on eligible same-city metro and 25% on eligible international sending.

Peter says, “We’ve had customers whose volumes exceeded the Band 4 savings requirement but wanted to keep using MyPost Business instead of a different Australia Post product. Band 5 lets them do this while continuing to save.”

In other words, as your operation grows, your savings will too.

It’s all about the bottom-line

In your small business, you’re likely to feel the impact of fluctuating cash flow more prominently than larger businesses with bigger buffers. While you may not have control over these market forces, you do have control over your customer experience. And this is where you have the opportunity to shine.

By signing up for a MyPost Business account, you can support your customers with detailed tracking2 while they wait and send parcels to their most convenient locations by drawing on our network of over 12 million delivery points nationwide.

You’ll be saving money on your postage costs too. When you send up to 5kg within Australia using our packaging, your postage will be based on the size of packaging you choose.

These savings could help even out those cash flow troughs and ultimately, support your other bottom line – all while keeping your customers happy.

This article is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be specific advice for your business needs.

1 Qualifying parcels are parcels that count towards your volume. Find out more about Send & Save and its Terms & Conditions.

2 Track events will vary depending on how your item is lodged and delivered. Read more about our tracking service.  

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