Less clutter, more engagement

Better Connections: Less clutter, more engagement

31 July 2014


Data from the Australia Post Consumer Survey was used to examine the viewpoints of 2,000 Australians in terms of readership of mail and preferences for receiving different types of messages.

To identify trends and changes, data was compared to the same survey conducted in July 2012, April and November 2013.

In the report

  • Australians received less personally addressed mail (6.4 pieces) and unaddressed mail (8.7 pieces) compared with 2012 and 2013.
  • While people received less mail, engagement remained very high. 99 per cent opened their mail, 86 per cent read it the same day they received it, 63% read it thoroughly and 55 per cent stored it for future reference.
  • Mail volumes may be lower, but reading rates are high. 94 per cent of mail received from utilities companies and 92 per cent received from financial institutions is read.
  • Australians preferred to receive magazines, important or sensitive information, brochures and catalogues as physical mail.
  • Brief information, newsletters and invitations to special events or sales are preferred to be received by email.
  • Mail is still the preferred channel for receiving bills and statements, with 39 per cent of Australians preferring to receive them by mail and 35 per cent preferring email format.

Download full report (337kb)