How Australia Post helped Advantedge save time and money

How Australia Post helped Advantedge save time and money

"I cannot speak more highly of the Australia Post team. They took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve, they were resilient, open to feedback and willing to make the necessary changes to get it right."
- Peter Fourtzis, Product Manager of Advantedge.


Working with around 40 independent mortgage managers, Advantege handles the administration and provides the funding for approximately 110,000 residential loan customers. To ensure a streamlined process, Advantedge wanted a more efficient way of managing their rate-change notification procedure.


In order to comply with regulatory requirements, Advantedge must notify all its customers - within a set timeframe - of any rate changes. When a rate-change notification was required, it took two Advantedge staff members two days to update the letter templates and prepare and test the relevant data. The narrow timeframes and manual nature of the data management, created a high level of operational risk for Advantedge.


Australia Post and Advantedge worked together to create a single letter template. This way, the data would drive the fields that needed to change - including the relevant Mortgage Manager's logo. Also, by using the new OCE continuous colour printer, Advantedge no longer needed to preprint and store multiple letterheads.


  • Full-colour, fully customised communications sent to each customer.
  • Increased productivity, as Advantedge personnel no longer needed to manually change letter templates and "cut" the data.
  • Automated process has reduced operational and regulatory risk.
  • Wastage and cost savings by not pre-printing and storing multiple letterheads.

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