Helping more people connect with Wenatex

Helping more people connect with Wenatex

"Unaddressed direct mail, utilised well, has an enormous ability to deliver strong returns for any organisation using direct mail as a source of business."
- Michael Wernicke, National Operations Manager of Wenatex Australia


In Australia, international sleep-technology specialist Wenatex conducts around 60 Healthy Sleep for a Better Life seminars per night, educating attendees about the science of sleep and selling high-end bedding products.


Wenatex wanted to develop a cost-effective, direct mail strategy to deliver seminar invitations to a large audience, targeting residents in specific areas close to Wenatex event locations.


Wenatex uses Australia Post's online booking system to select postal areas it wishes to target with Unaddressed Mail, depending on the location of upcoming events. Unaddressed Mail is complemented with PreSort direct mail to communicate with existing customers.


Wenatex mails around six million sleep seminar invitations each year. The response rate is close to 1.2 per cent and approximately 40 per cent of Wenatex's bedding product sales are attributed to leads generated from unaddressed mail.

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