Domino's Pizza: delivered direct to your post box

Domino's Pizza: delivered direct to your post box

"If our mail marketing pieces don't go out, it affects the franchisees' sales immediately and they'll call and ask what happened. It's that responsive."
- Ross Allen, General Manager of Domino's Direct


While 50 per cent of its sales may come through online channels, Domino's Pizza still relies on direct mail to drive customers to its online ordering system. Direct mail also gives Domino's 447 franchisees a direct channel to the customers in their territories.


Domino's Pizza needs to acquire new customers and retain existing ones for each franchisee. It also needs to customise the messaging for each franchise territory.


Weekly unaddressed direct mail for acquiring new customers and addressed direct mail for customer retention.


Domino's Pizza posts approximately 81 million direct-mail pieces each year, achieving an ROI of up to 10 per cent. Unaddressed direct mail is lodged through a centralised online booking system, wholly managed by a small team at Domino's Direct.

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